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Inktober, 7th day.
Well, you know, these knights...
Hey, how do you like the first week of Inktober? How was it for you? :)
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Your style is quite impressive.

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I just found your profile and OMG its amazing you are so creative and inspiring!!!
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I can't express my astonishment before all your inktober works so far ! They are such precious pieces of art !
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Heh, I fucking sucked at it last year, so I'm not participating this year, but I'm a huge fan of seeing what you've come up with this year. :D I feel like I'd love to see this style illustrating a kids book.
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aww, thank you so much! I will be happy to illustrate some books one day. :D
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH, This one is TOO cute ! Seriously.

This first week was very interesting, even if I'm a bit worried about the next theme... :D
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well, some themes are really unusual. sometimes I have several options at once and I can not even choose, and sometimes there's a void in my head and you just paint how it goes. :D
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Hahaha, it's the same for me :D
But I think it's an excellent exercise to train our creativity ^^
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Very cute and well drawn ! as usual Your use of contrasts is incredible !

But, about myself, I can't/don't want to participate this year again. It makes me feel so uncomfortable and so... incapable.
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but... why? :c
in vain! you are just the person who can show an interesting and lively graphics.
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I-I can't really explain it... !
I usually draw a drawing by day, but during the Inktober... I just can't. Everyone do the same them at the same time, and everyone looks so good at it that I'm just feeling super bad with my art.... and I draw way more less^^"
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I love the style you've chosen for your Inktober works. They are wonderful!
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Awesome work with this!
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aww so cute ^^
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