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Fabian, my character from "Divinity: Original Sin 2". We decided that he cast his spell with wings wrong and it stayed with him forever. However, he does not mind. Except for those moments when it give out his thoughts and mood (always). :D
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This is so pretty! I really like colour scheme, clothes and feathers

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i’m like, in love with this

Very warm-coloured piece. I love it.

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He looks like a very charismatic OC! :) And his wings are VERY cool, especially how they seem to attach a little lower on his back than on most pics of angels and other winged OCs I've found... or maybe that's just me. :shrug:
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I love those feathers! 
The whole piece is wonderful but I've got a weakness for wings lol
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Love your style! Everything looks so clean, it's nice to look at! <3

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That's really cool (and very well done, too)!

I loved that game; closest game to D&D I've ever played (though the campaign was more morally gray than I'm used to, and I almost never used the Necromancy tree because it grossed me out XD ).
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thank you!
yeah, this game have really interesting plot, nice characters and battles. I love it!
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Me, too!  The combat system is one of my favorite parts of the game (since it's the most like D&D I've ever played in a video game).
But, characters are really interesting as well (and the plot!  So many twists and turns, and sometimes just super brutal).
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oh he's handsome AND cute <.<
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