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This work is very personal to me, I wasn't going to submit it anywhere but I decided to put it up here for a bit, I may removing it in the future. :heart:
Edit: due to the amazing support I received on this piece and the wonderful comments I will leave it up, thank you all! :heart:
Details:This was very challenging, because the two models weren't very alike and my idea was that they must look alike.. the one is the ghost of the other so.. it makes sense :D
Hard work but it paid off, hope you like it! :blackrose::heart:

...Here is my idea behind this work...
As you see, the title clearly reveals the concept of this piece. I wanted to portray the feeling of letting go of the past and embracing the bright future.
You may be wondering why I chose to portray this exact feeling.
The answer is really very simple. I’ve been having a lot of issues in the past (if you remember I was away from dA for a few months this summer), I’ve made a lot of mistakes but recently I feel I’ve changed. I think in a new, different way, I feel grown up, I feel different.
And so, here is the moment when I let go of my past, full of bad memories, I leave it behind and head for the future.
This is what inspired me to create this image and why I chose this title. I feel reborn both mentally and physically and I’m ready to face everything life has in store for me!

[~Nekoha-stock/~sempiterna-stock/=liam-stock/~Jaymasee/=night-fate-stock/*moonchild-ljilja/~redheadstock/=Falln-Stock/ everything else fixed/painted by me]

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Feb 18, 2010, 12:53:26 PM
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I particularly like this one too
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This is incredible!
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Magnificent piece; well done. I suspect it is deeper even than you've given expression to above.
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I am a published author of 6 novels and am very interested in working with you in the future on some book covers. If you're interested please connect with me on facebook: and PM me to let me know who you are. It's still about a year away, but I have a new series in mind that will need 10 covers. I hope to hear from you soon. Your work is amazing!

Kristie Haigwood (K. S. Haigwood):happybounce:  
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Hello, I PMed you on facebook :)
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Is it possible to get a larger image to allow a good print of this as my wife really likes this work.
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gorgous! very expressive
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Hi - this is one of my favourite pieces - I have an art gallery on FB just to open people's eyes to the joy of art - and not for any other reason, except artists are happy for me to post their works as it advertises their work/name. Please let me know if you are happy with this - thank you ♥ link above - Karin
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thanks a lot, share as many from my works as you want, all I want in return is credit and if possible a link to my facebook page as well [link]
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I found your picture online and I loved it.
May I use it as a book cover for an online book?
The site I want to upload it is called Wattpad. (google it, its pretty popular)


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hi, I can sell you licence for it, let me know what you think about it
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yeah very nice! IMPRESSIVE
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I love the artwork and the concept- I can relate as I myself am going through a rebirth of letting go of the past and all that kept me bound to it...
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I just saw this work posted on Facebook by a friend. I really can't even believe it. It's so beautiful and mystical. It really touches me. I don't know how to thank you for creating this. I feel like I need to give you something. You're so inspired, Morteque... just really, really talented. Surely you must be famous. If not yet, I'm sure you will be soon. The kind of thing shown in the picture happens to me a lot and I've searched DA for images of it but there aren't many (or at least they aren't using the keywords "astral projection" and "OBE".) It means a lot to me that I found this. Best wishes to you. This time I'll look through ALL your pictures. I was in the middle of it before and got pulled away and didn't get back to it till now. Can't wait to see them all.
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this is really cool, well done :D
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Hello dear,

Your beautiful work is featured here : [link]
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wonderful! amazing work
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so beautiful im speechless
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You're featured in Favs of Favs 2011 in my journal - I'll choosing the images and they'll be feature all long 2012 in my page. I hope to put online the journal today yet :)
Congratulations for your wonderful work! :hug:
Merry Christmas! :santa:
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