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The winners are now Decided!

Sorry for beeing a little late, I havent had network for some days. But here are all the winners, and You will all get your points very soon, or you allready have got them! :)

This people are even more lucky, when they where not one of the top 40 in the first place. But becuse some of the top 40 had not done as told, they could not win, and they got theyr spot.


Price list.

40 Winners will get 50 :points: each, you heard right, 40 winners will get 50 :points: each!

Some Amazing Prices that can Be Yours, and what you need to do is Following:

  +fav This Journal! 
  Be a Watcher.
  Write a journal about this Giveaway (please give me the link in a Comment under.).

This will Give you one chance, and the winner will be drawn Randomly with

Why do I need to be a watcher?

This type of giveaways cost a lot, and I need to gain something back ;)

Giveaway ends: 11. October, winners will be decided soon after this.

And dont forget to.

Be sure to take a look at the ongoing Art contest, where you can win more than 2000 :points: or 20$!

Art Contest - *CLOSED*Update 31. October: All entrys added? Contest is CLOSED. (2 People have asked for one more day, they will get out the 31.) Winners will be decided the next 2/3 days. If you got some favorits, Let me know in the comments Under! All entrys can you see here:
Update 28. Octobe: New entrys added. LAST 2 Days of the Contest, be sure to leave a comment with your entry if thats not done yet!
Update 24. October: New entrys have been added, we have now passed 50 entry's. 6 Days left of the contest!
Update 21. October: New entrys have been added, More then 46 Entrys. 9 Days left of the Contest.
Update 15. October: Lot of new entrys in the Participants list have been added!
Update 6. october: You are allowed to write a story to this contest. Some participants have been added. Photography is also allowed.

Art Contest.

It ha


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Thank you so much!

you are the best! :)

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Oh my goodness, I've never won one of these kinds of contests!!
Thank you very much for hosting it!!; U ;
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OMG thank you !!!
I never won a giveaway before :)
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Thank you so much.
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I didn't win....... D:
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Awww (gets hanky) ... I seem to only win contests when tangible goods are involved D: ... LOL XD
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