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Do you dream of me? by mortalshinobi
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by Esau13

great detailing here, as the reds and colors on the gore really grab you with sonya's one eyes being quite expressive as she's lost her...

really impressive piece here. It definitly pops out right from the start when you first view it. there is an intense variety of colors ...

by Esau13

the first thing that comes to mind is "impressive!" the character appearances really blows someone away and the intricacy put in to det...

There is something just truly impressive about seeing a reversal to the damsel in distress trope and yet not showing the damsel, batman...


never thought i'd say this, but i think doa has actually replaced mortal kombat as my favorite fighting game. it's more fun to play and has better looking characters, has included body damage, the mains are awesome ninjas. all it's missing really is some good fatalities.
why is sonya so ugly in mk11? she looks like a hag with no tits or ass. like i thought she was exaggerated in 9, but she at least looked attractive. and jade's "living" alternates look like crap. and skarlet looks like some damned storm trooper. can't believe i'm saying this but i want the models from mk9 back. the female models in the new game look like absolute garbage, they can't even make the faces look attractive. it kinda sucks when the best model for the females is the undead version and only of one of them.
watched battle angel alita. was a good anime adapation. a lot better than I expected. somewhat slow to start but it picks up nicely. go watch it. a worthwhile anime movie
commissions open at 15$ for character bust or torso shot of the following series-
street fighter
dead or alive
fate stay night
fate grand order
ninja turtles
resident evil
attack on titan
goblin slayer
nier automata
mortal kombat
soul calibur
dark stalkers
killer instinct
darling in the franx
monster musume
rosario vampire

other series or oc's will be at 25$ or 30$ with background.

note me if interested or email at
well, since I've had some issues with mortal kombat and I don't know if I'll have access to ps4 when it comes out anyways, I got DOA 6 which initially had some controversy but apparently that was just to shut progressives up.
the game plays just as smoothly as before, is quick and fast paced and the costumes even the main ones are decently sexy and despite it not initially looking different to 5 graphically it has had a definite upgrade from the previous iteration. and like the previous game before it even without dlc you get a good bunch of costumes to fool around with.
story mode seems to switch back and forth between characters that are primary to story primarily focusing on the mugen ninja and honoka. seems that dlc character became prominent to story. it was a fun mode but rather short in my opinion.
the game also offers a new 'quest mode' to practice some abilities of characters. so it is decent fun.
unfortunately tengu and phase 4 are locked behind dlc. tengu being a decent 3.99$ so she's cheaper than mk or sf characters and then phase 4 is currently locked behind that 76$ season pass which geh... that's a bit much. hopefully she'll be available on her own later.

the controversies.
the "blood" is almost non existent even when it's turned on. it's just basically black spit when they're hit in the face with a super move and a slight blood lip when they win. hardly anything to freak about that i remember people whining about. there is no blood, nothing you'll notice in gameplay.
the costumes. don't know if this was misinfo with the american branch or not but they left all the costumes in. but... you will grind hard to get them. getting costumes takes awhile and is random. playing christie doesn't mean i'll unlock christie parts, it's all random which is somewhat a pain but all the costumes are still there to unlock in time and the main is still good.
breast physics are still there. there's no option to make them jiggle more or less, they just have the moderate bounce as they did in the last game when you don't play with options. nothing too important but it's still there.
and last controversy was diego, the gay character. i remember there was a big spiel of him being gay and being the first doa homosexual but... he has no part in story mode even to be introduced as a character and nothing in his characterization or look give away him being gay. if i hadn't heard of being made a deal that he was gay i'd just say he's another macho thuggish looking character. like i guess the braclet he wears indicates him being gay? outside that minor detail nothing at all would say anything about his sexuality, he's just a new male character filling a slot without anything else.
mainly the controversies that resulted from the trailers were nonissues. only real issue is that expensive season pass locking away phase 4 and how much you gotta grind for costumes. that aside there really are no issues with the game itself.

overall i'm quite enjoying and just maining christie cuz she's the one i've always had most fun to play (plus god she's hot and she has clare's hairdo.. so even better.) i'd give it a try if you can and enjoy fighting games while we wait for mk.


Stalkin' Claymores day and Night
United States
A claymore lover as you can tell. Like dinosaurs and ninja as well. May get a bit obssesive. Unlikely to ever post actual pic of myself, so you have to deal with toon drawings then. hehe.

Current Residence: utah
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Favourite photographer: peter parker- spider-man
Favourite cartoon character: A Claymore(female) A Ninja (male)
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