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Steam Punk Maverick

By MortalMagus
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A nerf maverick sanded down, painted air suppressors removed and pressure guage and temp guage added. The gear on top acts as a sight. I left the orange tip because police in Mass sometimes overreact. I might add a few more doodads, thingimabobs and whatchamahusetts though I kinda like the simplicity of how it is now.

I'm aware that there are a 100 other steam punk Mavericks out there but I'm pretty happy with how mine came out and I'll probably use it as a prop in Requiem when we start up this spring.
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Feb 6, 2010, 10:39:58 AM
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why do people make the Maverick the steam punk?
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For me its because it was the nerf gun I had at the time. I recently saw… by JasonArms and think I may do up a couple of the lanard x8 to use for another larp role.
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I think it is a little bit easier
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I was wondering why it looked like Nerf so much then i read the decription and was like "oh..."
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I've done similar to my nerf maverick too
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How cool is that! Exellent!
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That's gorgeous, I can see how much work went into it from looking at the original gun. You definitely gave it some depth, as a whole the piece is well thought-out, not to mention it looks like it fits a steam-punk world very, very well.
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Very nice! What other Nerf Guns are you allowing in your game?
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We'll probably allow the Maveric, any of the single shot nerf guns, and the Buzzbee doubleshot shotgun. Right now the ability to use guns is a little hard to attain, a gun has to be 'found' in game and ammo for it is a crafted item. There are several advantages that make them worthwile though I expect them to be rare among players.
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I found a way to make a single shot sniper rifle from the BuzzBee Rapid Fire. If you remove the clip and block off the hole, it functions like a breach loading sniper rifle. I can make it steam punkish if you'd like and donate it. Also look for the nerf flintlock. [link]

Might work for your game.
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That flintlock looks pretty cool but Buzz Bee doesn't seem to be making them anymore. Not on thier website or product list and that link only shows one that someone found in backstock. I'd defiantly be interested in those if I could get a few. Ah well. The Rapid Fire without the clip should be fine too and were always willing to take donations.
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You can get the flintlocks on Amazon. They dont say they are low in stock so i figured id get some in the future. They are cheep too.
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Sweet, I just drew a design on one of mine once, but this beats the carp out of it. Well done.
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