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Floor Jansen

By mortal-coil
So this is Floor Jansen, don't you know who she is? O.O, you don't know what you're missing!! This woman has one of the most wonderful voices ever, she's the vocalist from the dutch band After Forever, check them out only to enjoy her beautiful voice.

Anyway, I can yell out proud this is my best drawing ever!! :D I didn't spent 20h as I was used to, I spent 7 or so but I worked sooooooooooooo much, i drew even the smallest detail, high detailed portrait (never as detailed as other portraits i've seen, of course), anyway, i'm so proud of myself, i impressed myself :D!! I wanted to make her perfect cos I admire her so much! Just like Bunbury. Anyway, the same as always, paper gvarro 170gr, mostly 2B pencil and also 2H and 4H pencils. A rubber for the highlights.

*EDIT* I could give it to her and she liked it very much, also did Sander ^^ which is great, because he's an arts teacher, he said to me: "I give you a 10!" ^^
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Beautifully drawn! :D I love Floor and it's so amazing that you could give it to her! You are so lucky! 8D

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My word, that is awesome! :-)
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nightwish brought me here...
nice work , keep up.
Leometal's avatar
very good and very realistic too.
DeaDraco's avatar
woooooooooooooooow I love her!!! and You could give it to her!?!? cool!!!
it´s great ... :+fav:
Moon-Lilly's avatar
This is so cool!
and only 7 hours???!!! wow , I don't think I could produce something this amazing in such a small amount of time!!!

This is being added to my faves!
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Yes , My portrait drawings can take 20 hours + but I put that down to me being such a perfectionist!!! lol!
How long have you been working on portraits?

This really is beautiful!

P.S. Sander is an arts teacher?! This band is just full of many talents!!!
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Thank you! =) And yes, only 7h, but it's all about practise. In the beginning I could spend around 20h at least on a portrait, but after many years drawing faces, it becomes very simple. Just keep on drawing and you'll see =)

And thanks for the fave!
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A fantastic voice! And a fantastic drawing!
You made her even prettier than she really is. :)
But as the Romans used to say: De gustibus non disputandum est. :)
mortal-coil's avatar
Thanks so much!! ^^
Guilfo's avatar
I loved it
mortal-coil's avatar
Thanks!! I'm glad you liked it!! ^^
Slytherin-Brat's avatar
Wow this is amazing! I love your shading, and the hair looks incredible! Floor is the greatest!
mortal-coil's avatar
Thanks!!^^ And yes, she is the greatest!! =)
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lovely portrait !
mortal-coil's avatar
Thanks!! Even more coming from such an artist!
gopidi's avatar
you are welcome !
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Hm I'm dutch though i've never heard of her :) Nice drawing though!
juliapaganidesign's avatar
+fav of course!!!
she rules!! you too =)
mortal-coil's avatar
awww,thanks! ^^
AngelOfDarkness666's avatar
Wooooooooooooooooow awesome!! so beautiful, Floor Rules ! and you Too xD :+fav: Congratulations, excelent work =)
mortal-coil's avatar
Muchas gracias :) desde luego que Floor es la mejor jijiji me halaga que digas que yo también soy la mejor ^^ gracias!!
AngelOfDarkness666's avatar
Jhaja hablas español! que bruta soy jajaja pero como vi la descripción en inglés pues respondí en inglés jejeje, la verdad si, muy buen trabajo, deberías de dibujarme a mi tmb :$ jejeje, saludos!!
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