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The Evil Dead 2 Cabin

By Morsoth
I made this version of the cabin in 2002. Well, this is not at scale, and base on the Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn movie.

Made with pen, later scanned and added effects with Paint Shop Pro!
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This is great. Now I can see how they did that incredible single shot run through the many doors.

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Thank you! That drawing is old tho, and I really want to do a new and improved version soon!

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Love this looking at making a miniature and this is a great schematic.
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Thank you! However, I think I could improve it now! Maybe someday I'll do a new version!
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I enjoy playing evil dead games. 
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I remember playing the Evil Dead 2 video game on my Commodore 64.  I could never beat that game......
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Great, but I don't get it, there´s a hallway around the bathroom to get to it, and there´s also a quick door in the front ? Seems so ridiculous
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I know, but it is like this. Ash enters the hallway around the bathroom when he is chased by the "Evil Force" during Evil Dead 2, just before he hides in the cellar.
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Well, that effect of the evil force following him is amazing, a classic.
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Love love love
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i like it and it achy quit acerit to the movies except for the porch is missing a few things but i have no room to Jude since you did better than i wood of done

and are they remaking all of them or just the first one because i was looking and it sounds like there remaking the 3 original evil dead, evil dead 2, army of darkness, and adding a 4th one to the great store of evil dead. i don't know if they make a 4th it will be as good as the others i mean if they ash cant be the main character.
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Seems rather accurate! Looks just like the layout from the movies. Could you do the cabin and the woods surrounding it?
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Thanks! I'll maybe another version since the remake is coming soon!
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Wow, very accurate ! I think this is the best drawing of the cabin's inside I've ever seen.
Truly amazing !!
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Thanks! But looking at it now, and since I have the HD movies on Blu-ray, I think I can do better.
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This is awesome! Will you do one of the basement level of the cabin as well?
Morsoth's avatar
Great idea, I think it's something I could do for the next version.
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I know this is from years ago, but I was looking for something just like this and was pretty excited when I found it! It looks good, did you just watch the movies a lot to figure out where everything was? And is there really only one bedroom? I wonder where everyone was going to sleep? XD
Morsoth's avatar
In The Evil Dead (the first one) there is two bedrooms (The piano is only in the sequel). So, Cheryl sleep in the bedroom near the back of the cabin, Scotty and Shelly are in the first bedroom, and Ash and Linda are sleeping on the couch... Weird choice but it's like that in the movie.

In Evil Dead 2, the recap of Evil Dead 1 omit Cheryl, Scotty and Shelly, and Ash and Linda only need a bedroom, the one you see in this map.
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Friggin' awesome :3 someone's just gotta make an actual cabin outta this! xD
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