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I love lists, and maps! Since the first day I became a member of the ADF Druidry organization, I started reading the ADF Dedicant Handbook. The first part that kept my attention was the cosmology section and I wanted to have a map of the Celtic cosmology!

To find a map of the Norse cosmology, you can simply search “Norse Cosmology” or “Yggdrasil” in Google and you’ll find a lot of information on the subject. If you go to the image section, you’ll have more than enough maps and graphical representation of that cosmology!

On the other side, finding a map of the Celtic cosmology is not an easy task. I’ve found some maps online but nothing fancy comparable to the maps found for the Norse World. The reason why there is not that much on the subject is because the Paleodruids (Celtic Druids of the past) shared their beliefs, history and mythological knowledge through oral traditions instead of writing it. This is also the reason why Neopagans have a hard time reconstructing the Druid’s traditions; it is like playing the telephone game!

Inspired by the three maps that I’ve found online, I decided to do my own version of it. To keep it simple, I decided to only focus on the Celtic cosmology, based on the Irish mythology and putting aside anything related to the Scottish, Manx, Welsh, Cornish, Bretons (and also Gaulish) mythologies. Like most of the Indo-European cultures, the Irish divided the world in three, and each of these worlds is also divided into minor realms:

Magh Mor (Upperworld) World of the Deities:
- Magh Findargat (The Plain of Silver) Grants light and hope
- Magh Imchiunn (The Plain of Kindness) Grants kindness and tenderness
- Magh Argetnel (The Plain of Clouds) Contains the powers of the weather and reveals mysteries
- Magh Mel (The Plain of Triumph) Grants creativity and inspiration
- Magh Ildathach (The Plain of Many Colors) Grants sights and senses
- Magh Airthech (The Plain of Bounty) Grants all riches
- Magh Ionganaidh-The Plain of Miracles) Grants miracles
- Magh Sen (The Plain of Ages) Grants beginnings and wisdom

Mide (Midworld) World of humans and the Nature Spirits
- Speir (Sky Realm)
- Talamh (Land Realm)
........- Cath (Land of Battle) North - Grants battle and resolve
........- Blath (Land of Prosperity) East - Grants prosperity
........- Seis (Land of Harmony) South - Grants poetry and music
........- Fis (Land of Leaning) West – Grants knowledge
........- Uisneach (Center) Center - Grants sovereignty and kingship
- Muir (Sea Realm)
- Otherworld (Parallel Universe on Midworld)
........- Elphame (The Fairyland) Realm of the Nature Spirits
........- Tech Duinn Island (The House of Donn) Realm of the newly dead
........- Fortunate Isles (The Isles of the Blest) Paradise for the heroes
........- Fortunate Isles (The Isles of the Blest) Paradise for the heroes
........- Emain Ablach (Emhain of the Apples ) Island of Manannán Mac Lir

Tir Andomain (Underworld) World of the Ancestors and the Chthonic Deities
- Tir na mBeo (Land of Eternal Life) Grants eternity and history
- Tir na mBan (Land of Women) Grants beauty and pleasure, also maternal traits
- Tir fo Thuinn (Land under-wave) Grants fear and attitude
- Tir na n'Og (Land of Youth) Grants needs and rejuvenation

The Irish Pagans considered the Hill of Uisneach (located in the county of Westmeath) as the center of Land, the Navel of the Ireland. The Ail na Míreann or "Stone of Divisions" acted as a pillar or Tree Hallow. I also added the Fire Hallow and the Well Hallow on the map, connected with the Upperworld and the Underworld.

I will update and/or amend that map in the future as I’m still in the process of learning more about the Celtic culture.


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Great - really helpful, thanks :)