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Reggie The Griffon by Mors-White Reggie The Griffon :iconmors-white:Mors-White 1 3 Juast a card [2] by Mors-White Juast a card [2] :iconmors-white:Mors-White 0 1 Just a Card... by Mors-White Just a Card... :iconmors-white:Mors-White 0 1 Rainbow Dash cutie mark. by Mors-White Rainbow Dash cutie mark. :iconmors-white:Mors-White 94 107
The one who waits and comes back. Part 2.
Having finished her part of the work, Luna sighed and sat down, looking at the night kingdom. Her sister sat beside her and yawned.
-Tired?- Asked Luna.
-Yes. Royal duties tire me.-
-Are you kidding? In my opinion, it's pretty amusing. And then, you see, after all this war, we should lay and rest.-
-And how long are you still going to rest?- Celestia asked sternly.
Luna shrugged.
-All that I'm really doing is looking for our sister. My ponies searched all the places where they can get to.-
-And what?-
Luna shook her head.
-Oh, Harmonica. Why did you have to take the love poison from that silly prince... Where is she now?-
-Do not worry, my sister, we'll find her eventually...- Luna smiled. -Equestria is large and not always safe. However, it is only a matter of time.-
Celestia sighed and lowered her ears. That would be a bit of her confidence. But instead it is constantly gnawing doubts.
Glancing at her sister, Luna said: -You look tired. Go to bed and I'll take care of the night.-
:iconmors-white:Mors-White 4 0
The one who waits and comes back. Part 1.
The soft sound of hooves against the tile floor echoed throughout the throne room. For many years Canterlot hadn't changed at all, it was just as Twilight remembered it from her fillyhood. There was no one except her as she looked at the stained glass windows; Parts of the throne room were faintly washed in a colorful palette, projected from the stained glass with the aid of the faint moonlight. As she looked up at one of the window panes, the purple unicorn unwittingly fell into reminiscent thought.
One window, told the story of six multi-colored ponies that defeated an evil mare whose intention was to curse equestria into an eternal night. The crude depiction of rays of light that emanated from the heroines, lead to the villain and wrap around her in a blanket of multiple colors; sort of like a rainbow. the colorful magic was able to wash away the evil; her bitterness and her resentment clean from her heat. Twilight remembered well how scared she was when she first conjured the power
:iconmors-white:Mors-White 6 2
Rainbow Dash in pixel art by Mors-White Rainbow Dash in pixel art :iconmors-white:Mors-White 1 0


[c] Lost City by Jetera [c] Lost City :iconjetera:Jetera 363 0 Try a new brush by XiaoBotong Try a new brush :iconxiaobotong:XiaoBotong 938 39 LALALALAL anim by griffsnuff LALALALAL anim :icongriffsnuff:griffsnuff 7,827 1,071 In The End... by NanoMortis In The End... :iconnanomortis:NanoMortis 6,804 121 IX Citadel by f1x-2 IX Citadel :iconf1x-2:f1x-2 1,757 134 Cataclysm by ShahabAlizadeh Cataclysm :iconshahabalizadeh:ShahabAlizadeh 621 10 Fallen by Suweeka Fallen :iconsuweeka:Suweeka 408 100 Duke's Domain by Suweeka Duke's Domain :iconsuweeka:Suweeka 422 93 Home by mspencerdraws Home :iconmspencerdraws:mspencerdraws 25 0 the knowledgeable hasbeens by liveAmmo the knowledgeable hasbeens :iconliveammo:liveAmmo 529 61 Illustration II Fire spirit Thymeria by Lunewen Illustration II Fire spirit Thymeria :iconlunewen:Lunewen 3,011 305 Downtown by Vablo Downtown :iconvablo:Vablo 918 58 Faille 23 SD by LyssonAn Faille 23 SD :iconlyssonan:LyssonAn 949 27 Dragon Age vs TES 15 by Soltia Dragon Age vs TES 15 :iconsoltia:Soltia 53 22 Charge by JonasDeRo Charge :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 13,558 706 Battle Test by LordDoomhammer Battle Test :iconlorddoomhammer:LordDoomhammer 15 5




Journal Entry: Sun Jan 17, 2016, 9:34 AM
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Hi, Journal. What the hell am I doing here? Ohwait, I'm not a griffon anyomre. That one has died over half of a year ago. 
I left the brony community, NSK, studies etc., starting a "new life" at an "old place". 
Nothing more to say, meet the albino-wolf Mors White!


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Aka Sauronium, Simulator, Reggie.
Random albino-wolf. Wanna know something more? Uh... Okay. Ask me :3 - My - is dead now. - My Steam - live.… - My YouTube channel - is dead now.… - Профиль на Табуне. - Long forsaken. - VK page. - live.



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