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Hope I'm linking this right:…

A blastwave fan dressup gallery on facebook! Hahaa!

It feels great.



I dunno. This is how you promote stuff right?
Once again in a bit of a tight spot with money so it's time to promote my 10 euro doodle thing!

I currently do quick doodles for 10 euros (somewhere between 12 and 13 dollars).

Quick doodles are quick and low quality so they're not really suitable to be printed or used for serious purposes. Unless you're okay with the low quality of course. I do provide full resolution versions of the pictures if asked.

I currently don't wish to take on bigger commissions, but that's up for discussion.

If interested, email me at (I'd rather take email than deviantart notes)

Examples of these kinds of things:

Drawings for money by Morriperkele Drawings for money 2 by Morriperkele Drawings for money 3 by Morriperkele Drawings for money 4 by Morriperkele

Oh and if you have previously asked for one and haven't gotten it or didn't get a reply... e-mail me again. I seem to have missed a ton of emails in the past month.
So yeah I got one of these things too.

I plan on posting drawings and pictures there that I don't feel like fit into my deviantart gallery. Also its simpler to use than blogger.

I don't really know how tombaler works so I probably wont be super social on there.
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I usually don't feel like posting about this here but, I tend to get more pageviews when I mention blastwave here, and that brings in advertising money so ha!


Oh and totally still doing 10 euro and up doodles.
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It's kinda fun to get those daily deviations. My picture "Fall" (… ) got a freakish amount of attention when I first uploaded it. And now it got a daily dviation thing that gave it a second surge of attention.

The thing is that it's a really quick picture I did. I spent some time on the background as I was at first trying to make mass effect fanart. Mostly based on my character Leonard… But I ended up just recycling that background for this new picture... the guy in front was like a 10 minute mess. But it works I guess.

I have this thing though, where drawing human characters is pure terror for me. It's hard to draw and it usually looks terrible. Here's the picture I was doing at first… . I do hope I get to finish that picture eventually. I did enjoy the mass effect series alot and feel like I should dedicate some fanart to it.

And any game that lets me play as a pretty ridiculous looking guy, who no one should take seriously, is great to me.
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Oh man. Even older school projects. What horrors come out of school animation classes.

I uploaded the storyboards just for fun…
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And I continue the 10 euro doodle commissions. It all goes towards new blastwave pages too.
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Aww yeah! Behold the awesome!

School project from like ... 3 years ago now? Just managed to pull it all together.

I personally find the sort of awkward animations and completely freaking out shadows the funniest things in the video.
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I need cash :|

10 euro doodles for sale! Anything you want!

I can also do something thats more than a doodle.

If interested note me here or email me at

Also blastwave updated
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I don't usually share random things on devart, but I'm just so excited. I worked on the CGI team last year as a texture artist and have messed with basically all of the ships.

Last thing I worked on before leaving was the götterdämmerung (large thing coming out of the ground) and I hadn't seen a render of it before this trailer. Glad to see it worked out :D

I really hope the movie does well. I only saw a early cut without much sound or cgi elements.

Other fun things to point out is the U.S.S George w. bush at 0:59 and what I like to call "Super MIR" at 1:28

edit: My name on the side of a plane… (not an actual shot from the movie)
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Oh here we go again!

I decided to clean my apartment today, so I decided I'll doodle crap when I take breaks. And I wanna doodle random stuff.
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Oh yeah! Feel it!

I really should sleep.
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Not 100% I have the time or willpower to take on much right now.

But I do need some extra cash (feed my gaming addiction!) so wanted to put this up here again.

I do commissions on a 10 euros per hour basis. So the price is basically calculated based upon complexity, style and wanted level of quality.

So as a rough guideline... with 10 euros you can get a quick sketchy picture in color. Black and white ones tend to look better. If you want something more refined or have a long list of things to have in the picture it starts costing more. Very few pictures go beyond the 5 hour mark.

I can give more info if needed. But I can say right now that I can't guarantee fast delivery times.

If interested, I prefer to be contacted by email:
Notes are fine too, but I tend to miss those.
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I'd much rather have duck badges.
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I need a working title for a platformer game that is currently called "SO".

Gimme some ideas.

In other news:
I'll be going to work at energia productions:…
Roughly 150 copies of the blastwave booklet left, so get yours now if you want one, there is no reprints planned:…
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Buy a Blastwave vol 1!…

The thing is... they need to be sold off before may. Any copies left at the end of march are gonna be sent to me and are gonna spend the rest of eternity in most likely my parents basement.

As far as I know there's roughly 500 left. So I don't expect to sell all of them, but I really don't want hundreds of those things. I certainly wouldn't start sending them out.

So if you don't have one already and want one, you have a few months left to decide! I'd of course appreciate it alot!

Like mentioned before, the comic continues in january, and I'll put this info on there too then.
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Someone... Bought me a DA subscription...

I am thankful... but I have no idea what these things actually do. Guess I can do polls now? Or something. Well I added my twitter to the page! Woo!

In other news:
Project work in school for 3 months. Nelonen Project. Guess more on that later.

I am gonna start updating blastwave once a month for the next year. Wonderful eh? Don't know about the year after that.

I am looking for short animation projects I could do, but can't think of anything. I have 2 unfinished ones already though... I really have trouble with this.

Aaand yes. This is written at 4:30am
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I've been stuck with the summer project for 2 extra months due to various reasons. It would be really nice to get it done sometime.

It has been taking a "project slot" for far too long and as a result nothing else has moved in any direction. Since I'm generally able to think about 3 things at a time, I chose to start referring to "Project slots"! 3 of 3 are filled! No room for other things now! Can't do Blastwave! Project slots are full!  Blastwave is eight on the priority list!

Days slip by unnoticed. The world is a grey mirror image of itself and the crows are creeping in.

I don't know. I keep having sleep problems. I thought random rambling on devart might help me get to sleep, but now that I'm typing here I can't really think of much to type. Even my fake brooding poem thing ended after that one line there.

We (my class in school) were quickly informed about our upcoming project work today. Apparently we're making jatkuu-tunnareita neloselle. I'm way too lazy to figure out how to say that in english. I'm hoping that project goes through far easier than the damn summer project.

And now! It is time to try to sleep again!
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