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You know... the guy from Trigun.

I think I messed the contrasts up a bit with last minute adjustinggg...

rather fast

umm... weee
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Love it, Vash the Stampede!
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Not sure why I haven't put you on my watch list already. This is great!
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Mahtava sarja ja mahtava kuva 
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I  love the atmosphere you create with this - his expression and the colours.  It really does fit the mood of sombre determination he sometimes shows.
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trigon rocks love and pace
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this looks awesome. Do you mind if I feature this in a trigun fanart compilation that I am working on and wish to post online?
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You know what would be hilarious? if VAsh made it into GWTB.
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This is quite awesome. I personally really like the dark tone used...definitely brings out the gritty reality of his emotion.
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wow - I love the feel of the artwork. LOVE AND PEACE!
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wow just like a living))))
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Very well done, I think you captured his personality and essence exactly.
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Aw fantastic. My favorite Vash piece, and that's saying quite a bit.
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siiiiiiick. Loved Trigun :D
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really beautiful!!! :dummy: I love vash :la::la::la:
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It is beautiful, he is showing accompanying Vash emotions.
I really like this picture
and Vash is my favorite character.
Great work :D
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Lovely. He looks so sad, but determined. I think you captured his character very well. :thumbsup:
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