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Ur Mom

By Morriperkele
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Thats one burn you are nothing going to get up from, litteraly. Atomic Cock 
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I just came back across this. It made me laugh immediately hahaha
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Hey! Im wondering if you can share a high resolution version of UR MOM?
Given, of course, if in 2007 they have already invented a high resolution of UR MOM

Wanna make a t-shirt as a new year gift for my buddy
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Ah, how gorgeous! Many thanks, private use only
One of my awesome "ur mom" jokes cost me my job last week, so i thought at least i can get a t-shirt
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some day i'm gong to find the biggest bill-board I can find and i'm going to put this on it.
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Simply yet super bad ass, i love it!
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I like how detailed it is for humourous artwork.
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Heh heh...I could totally see a person etch that into it before they dropped it
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the interceptor missile says
"NO U"
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Is there any way you can set this up as a Post Card. I would Love to send it to my friend out of state.
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i swear, sometimes parents actually turn into this, like when they come home and you've trashed the place, it's silent for about ten seconds and you can see the bomb falling beofre it hits...that and maybe some fists and feet...and a lot of swearing...
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This is so horrible yet so funny at the same time :XD:
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Ur mom's so fat, it would do as much damage dropping her as this bomb.
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I only say: MOAB!
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Talk about adding insult to injury!
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Thaaat's how it's done...
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