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The Spore Experience

The wonder of life.
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i fckn love this, just started playing spore again. This is so true
NightFuryTerritory's avatar
Omg imagine what they'll be like in the space stage... 
Megachiptora9942's avatar
aaand your philosophy will beeee... DESTROYER!
SpunkySpaceCat's avatar
This is what I do each time. I don't have time for socializing. I go for blood
Bacxaber's avatar
I love how your creature's just a sausage with a face.
ShivLaShiv's avatar
XD this is me, hands down, in the game. I have no patience to impress people!
VoidDragon76's avatar
This... Is so true holy fuck..
Firehunter397's avatar
It's started with peace, but it became chaos and everything died at the end...?
Murlocoverlord's avatar
Spore in a nutshell
Xosonu's avatar
And don't say this isn't true xd
PinkieTane's avatar
der-freischutz's avatar
hahahahahah turns out to be a zealot.
Janoman96's avatar
soooooooooo!!!!!!! DAM TRUE i allways do that in the game lol
Peppycat's avatar
welcome to spore, we have a free breakfast routine at the third rock from sol.
Korwynze's avatar

well, my creatures love everything XD

im Soulscientist17 on spore for PC

maybe u know me? 

Hi, Soulscientist17. I'm Roboblaze.
Korwynze's avatar
Roboblaze sounds genius XD
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