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"This is all we could find, Sir"


khrm random boredom doodling. Less than 2 hours.

This picture spawned a comic [link]

Pretty much forgot. There is a 3d version made by... that person [link]
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Officer: "Does that look like a spoon to you, private, huh!? Does that look like spoon!?"

Private: "Um, yes sir?"

Officer: "Thats right private! Its a spoon, a damn right fine looking spoon, now go find me some more!"
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:iconzeecaptainplz::iconsaysplz:  Zat is a most excellent Spooning device!
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I need some help. Why is he holding a spoon? I have been searching the internet over to find an explanation but I can't find a comic relating to it
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" a spoon"

"Dear god..."

"Theirs more"

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So this is how it all started! I guess I am quite happy for the random boredom doodling.
I like your humor and the comic is quite unique. Thanks.
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I love this I really do.
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The classic :)
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It may be a simple spoon, but military matters tend to make uncomplicated shit very complex indeed.
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I remember a looooong time ago, I saw this somewhere, chuckled a bit, and carried on.

Some years later, or a week earlier, someone showed me a webcomic. I loved it.

Then I found this picture on the site.

Full circle.
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And now you are forever doomed.
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Enjoy a years in  the dunegeon of WAIIITIIIIIIIING
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Maybe there really ISN'T a spoon...
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This needs to go on a canvas...oh I would kill for this on a Canvas.
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spoooonnnnn made me chuckle my root beer reminds me of THE TICK
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i want this on a t-shirt
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I saw this picture, I reverse image searched it. I found this page. I clicked the comic link. I read every comic. Thank you. :D
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i finally found the origin of this! the origin of the spoon!
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