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I was doodling to relieve some stress and it turned into this.

Prototype got considerably more fun after they gave me the bone armor that makes the guy look like those things from Abara.
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His name is Alex Mercer and Coincidentally my name is Alex, Hi.
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thats alex mercer with his protection armor right ? awesome job
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Mercer will always be the best. I just don't like Heller. He was a bitchy, cliched character with a severe, annoying anger problem. And the ending to his game was total BS. Mercer has been around and been infected MUCH longer than Heller, so there is NO POSSIBLE WAY Mercer could be defeated. Heller would have had his rear end handed to him and then been absorbed by Mercer. I thought I'd like Heller, but no, I just couldn't. Mercer will always be my favorite. That said, I really like this piece of art.
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First, it was implied in the second game that Heller had unique genetic code, so he was meant to be stronger than the rest of the evolved, including mercer, and second i dont think mercer is dead he probably will crop out heller inside.

But yes mercer was cooler.
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well this is amazing
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that's some doodle an awesome doodle
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Great work. Love the game too.
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Alex is always a badass (heller sucks) and great artwork bro!!
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And what is so bad about Heller?'re not one of those people who bashes a new video character just because they replace the main character as the playable protagonist in their debut game (like Nero did to Dante in DMC4), are you?
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actually, Heller wasn't so bad on his own, though his motivation was amusing (I hate Mercer because he killed my family as collateral damage, so I've to kill him, causing as much collateral damage along the way). My biggest issue with Prototype 2 was that they completely derailed Mercer's character - a character that I loved from the beginning. It was also a bit clichéd, which was a shocking contrast from Prototype's very original concept.

So, Heller doesn't suck, per se, but he looks as if he sucks, since he's standing next to P1's Mercer.
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There was a backstory explaining why Mercer went through such a drastic change.
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I heard of that, actually. It seemed somewhat implausible to me, given Mercer's character growth all through the first game, but since I never actually read it, I cannot feel justified criticizing it.

I thought it would have been quite a good explanation for his character development if he'd consumed PARIAH, and this somehow fused the two personalities, or PARIAH went through a hostile takeover from the inside, or perhaps assimilating too many minds at once (if PARIAH has similar abilities to Mercer) drove him mad. Ah, but I can dream.
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uh i hate to spoil it but actually after the happenings in p1 mercer went out to find his calling, his purpose. so he tried to rejoin the human race but through that he learned the truth about the true ugliness of the human race...(that is why he wants to make "THE NEW WORLD!")
and i dont wanna spoil it more so please read the first comic "anchor"
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I actually already knew about that.
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