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I think it's a wolf

I can't draw these things.

First commission in like YEARS. I got to decide clothing and setting so of course I draw lots of worn metal.
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Dude this is perfect!!!
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I don't expect to get an answer, but what did you use for influences? This seems to look like a mix of COG and MJOLNIR armor.
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this looks badass
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looks like a halo suit
Worgen in Starcraft
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I like the desgin of the armor he has, quite well put together
I think it looks like HERESY!
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wut kind of armor is tht?
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I really like a lot of your stuff. Your style is sort of messy but cohesive and finished at the same time... I particularly like how you do fur, it seems like you do just the right amount of brush strokes to get the proper effect without overdoing it. do you have any tips for painting fur digitally?
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I found this one time on another site. It was so awesome.
Saved that as my wallpaper for like ever.
now i can finally say great job to the real artist here!

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for some one who cant draw looks good to me and ive seen a lot worse then this
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This dude actually looks like a Fengator. But I vote wolf.
Makes me think of a Gnoll or somesuch in Shadowrun. Not a fan of the fur but awesome work!
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WOOOW! Its like Gears of War in anthro formation! am im right! Good work!::love:

Hip Hot Digidy Dog!:milk:
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Although if you were to do anthro more often, I'd criticize and say you should work on the facial expression a bit more so it's not so "blocky". :p
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Really like the texture and colour on the metal parts.
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Nice work on the armor and weapon.
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Heh, awesome expression. Love the grimy war torn feel too. :)
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At least your coloring is better then most cell shaded wolf characters. Its pretty good but do not do them too much.
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