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The Birth of Pheta'eras Part Fifteen - Peace
I decided to try something a little different this time around, instead of continuing the story myself, I decided to let my pet write it! So, consider this an alternative view of the previous image, just from Eramana's view instead of Pheta's. I am SO proud of my pet and so I was thrilled to have her write her side. Enjoy!


Her world had been one of isolation. Never seeing a soul unless she needed supplies for her camp. Darkness was always in her life. The druid was never really accepted for who she desired to be. Always ostracized in any situation. Her heart never knew piece. It never knew comfort. Since the saving of Mount Hyjal with the defeat of Ragnaros, Eramana Duskoak secluded herself away in Feralas. The only place where she could be herself and be true to who she is. One person in the world knew where she went. She helped Eramana get certain supplies that she needed. While she was not Era’s lover, she was the closest thing she had to a sister or true friend. That friend was the only one that Era ever trusted in the whole world.

During the sacking of Teldrassil by the mongrel Horde lead by the corpse queen, Eramana could see the fires from her home in Feralas. Upon witnessing the flames and smoke, Eramana quickly left home and ran her way towards her people. Those that were dead terrified her mind and eyes. Tears ran down her face as she passed them by. But one orc wore an all too familiar helm. A head of a bear. A bear that was just like a druidic bear form. With anger in her eyes, the druid struck him down and took the helm from him. She vowed never to let anymore of her people fall, for it was her fault that they died. Traveling the lands of Duskwood and Ashenvale, Era helped speed up the decay of her fallen brethren with druidic magic and seeds, and to kill any that stood in her way. Orcs fell easily to her affinity for spiders and their venom. Undead were easy prey to roots and maggots. Any elves that were still alive were healed and helped escorted to safety in nearby settlements. While along the coast, Elven ships finally landed. Seeing the High Priestess, Era’s long time of solitude came to an end. She would rejoin her people. Following her sisters, the priestess accepted joining as one of the Army of the Black Moon and swear vengeance for all those that fell. Her thirst for vengeance grew even more after the raising of their own fallen allies and the birth of the new breed of Dark Rangers.

While on the battlefield, Eramana saw other races and even those she never had met. Large Golden Draenei that glowed with the holy light. Elves that were just like the Sin’dorei, but were filled with the power of the void. She kept her distance from these new allies, and rather stood near her brethren. These “soldiers” and “adventurers” did have their use in helping route out the enemy, but were not some she would like to share company with. But once did catch her eye. A Draenei with a “unique” touch to her. One who seemed out of place. Her light felt more comforting than intense. One that would rather soothe wounds than smite foes. During the battles she stuck close to this Lightforged, but kept just out of sight. Once the battle was won and the enemy purged from the land that was the Kaldorei’s. She finally accepted that it was time to come home from the forest and live back among the citizens of the Alliance. Era stopped resisting the Draenei’s light and accepted it. When the night slowly faded away, the druid finally let her body rest. She finally let her heart slowly begin to mend its deep wounds. Her head slowly fell into the Draenei’s chest, and she closed her eyes. For once, her sleeps were filled with dreams and not nightmares.


This wonderful image was brought to us by the amazingly talented :iconmystmantle: and her model molding wizardry! Be sure to go and give her a watch if you are a fan of her amazing model edits and the amazing CG work she does to bring them to life!
The Birth of Pheta'eras Part Ten - The Fray
After concluding her work in the medical unit of Stormwind, she returned back to the Vindicaar. While her priority in her former life had been healing and mending, and she still felt the call of that from time to time, she now knew that her purpose was different. Ever since her transformation into a Lightforged by the naaru, her place was now on the front lines. No longer was she to just heal people after they had been injured, now she was to fight to prevent them from ever getting injured in the first place. The return to Azeroth had brought back a great deal of memories and it had a stronger effect on her than she had realized. There was a great deal of temptation to slip back into what was and had been instead of what is and will be. While she would never give up on her healing and caring nature that was at the core of who she was, she knew that she was called to be more and do more now, especially with the Horde ascending and performing atrocities that not only reminded her of what the Legion had done on countless worlds before, but also what had made her turn from the Horde military so long ago when she was still one of their number. 

She carefully placed her dresses and cloth robes back into the closet of her quarters on-board, and gathered her armor, the armor that had been made for her since first becoming a warrior of the Light. It was chipped, cracked, and marred, but it had served her well and she knew it would continue to do so. Tightening the straps and making sure everything was locked in place, she stepped through the portal, ready to return to the islands and face this new old threat head on. For the Alliance!


Updated the file with the finished image. Thankfully is it finally done and delivered. I'll be thinking about adding more information here about the artist or not due to what went on to get to this place.
The Birth of Pheta'eras Part Fourteen - Nightlight
Now fully leaving her old identity as a member of the Army of Light behind and embracing the Alliance as her new home, Pheta was getting more and more pulled into the conflict with the Horde. Sure, she had taken part in many battles against them so far, but as the war raged on, she began to gain a greater understanding of just how horrible this Horde was. If she had left the battle of the stars behind, now she was to battle for this, her adopted home. And with each atrocity that the Horde inflicted on innocents and the ways they defaced those they were in combat with, she began to see them as little more than the fel demons she had fought before. They were a destructive force, nothing more, and they must be wiped from the face of this planet as she had done of her enemies on other planets before.

This was what lead her to join with the faction that broke off on their own, against Anduin's orders, to retake Darkshore. As she attended the meeting, she couldn't help but notice how the young king's eyes would dart over to her time and time again. He most assuredly remembered her and the performance she had given to him. She wondered if he still used its memory to bring enjoyment to himself as she did. In the end, though, even her fondness for him could not overcome her need to help the Night Elves begin to retake their homeland. She knew, personally, what it was like to have your home and your country stripped away from you and laid waste in the midst of war, and she would do whatever it took to make sure she helped those hit with the same tragedy and horror to find their vengeance.

It was on that battlefield that she would encounter a fellow soul on a quest to take back Darkshore, a Night Elf woman who had her own share of tragedy and loss in her life. She had followed Tyrande on the path of the Night Warrior, joining her Army of the Black Moon. Fighting side by side as they made their way to the final encounter, and together driving the Horde from the shores they had invaded, the two had begun to share a sense of comradery and friendship. However, that night, after the battle was won and the drink had been flowing for some time, Pheta began to believe there was something else the Elf might be interested in. She could feel the hurt in the Elf woman's heart, and the sense of loss that plagued her. This battle won was but a small step towards granting her some sort of peace. The Light in Pheta called out to the other woman, almost pulling Pheta closer to her, seeking to heal her not just physically, but spiritually. The Night Warrior in her had helped her seek revenge, but Pheta's light wanted to help her seek healing. And, Pheta could not argue that it was not just the Light that was pulling her to the other woman. There was a desire, of the body and the heart, that had begun to grow within her as well. So, around the campfire, as the night started to give way to the dawn, Pheta stepped forward and took her chance. It was a chance that was richly rewarded.


I was so happy to be able to get another piece of art from :iconavionetca: ! Her art is some of the best out there, hands down, so who better to illustrate this next chapter in Pheta's story! This little Night Elf has captured her heart... and her player has captured mine! ♥ I love you, pet!
I'm joining! Why don't you join to... then give it to me if you win. ;)


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