Artists as the last makers in an Industrial Global

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Because of the intimate nature of my work, its content and beauty, the 'Prelude Exhibition' has brought many valuable experiences not only to myself, but also to those who came to take a look. Many people experienced positive emotional responses, being affected deeply by the intention of the pieces, and their ascetic. It has affirmed my intention to take these works out to the people because, I believe it helps us to experience our own sense of alienation from the means of production, and the real dangers we face because of this. Artists are indeed becoming the last makers. My own evolution from artisan to artist, is born of the understanding you can get it cheaper in China (I use China as an example of economically exploited economies in the current trend in Globalisation) and the real consequences of this. The resulting death of intimate connexions with the process of making, and expressing. A tragic example of the "You can get it cheaper in China" attitude to commerce, is that it has led directly to the extinction of the Yellow River Dolphin. A tragic loss for the Earth. The dolphin is not alone. The extinction of the Yellow River Dolphin has been attributed to western need for cheap goods by the Chinese government.

No doubt many question my motivation, but it is very simple. We have an obligation to grow up and take responsibility for our activities. Losing face is meaningless, for we borrow the Earth from our children. John Berger in his book, Ways of Seeing, page 1. states "Seeing comes before words. The child looks and recognises before it can speak." But I know we can take this much further, for before we can speak, or hear, or see, we can touch.

Why is my work so expensive? I want to make a difference and once considered my self as valueless. I do not anymore and believe in the integrity and value of each individual piece, its messege, and poignancy to our age.

I want to exhibit my work.
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