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Eating the Frog on Glass:
I had just entered the room.
"Would you sit down, please!" she said, indicating the seat for me.
I sat down.
"I've been looking forwards to this all week!" I exclaimed excitedly.
"Ofcause, I know!" she replied, as she prepared to give me my weekly facial.
"Just look at the image before you, and mimic the expression!" she pointed out.
I complied without a word.
She carefully applied my foundation, before starting up with my blush.
Now she painted my eye lids, then painted my lips a purple hue.
The Fly:
"Would you like to have a jell'o?" she asked, presenting my with a plate of jell'o.
"Thanks, I'd love one of these!" I say, while I pick one,
then slip it in between my lips.
At first I just felt the lovely taste, and noticed nothing of what it was doing to me.
That was to change in an instant, not too long into the future.
I could see a fly, to me it was just a bug, so I did not reflect any further.
Then I noticed how my head followed it, my eyes focusing in on it.
:iconmorphieanna:MorphieAnna 4 2
Mature content
A Doll Moment :iconmorphieanna:MorphieAnna 35 3
My Little Centauresses
Sneaking In: </i>
It was cold outdoors, even though I was not alone.
I had just found a door, I thought we could sneak in through,
hiding from the dark and cold.
Once we had slipped through the door, there was a short hall, and doors on both sides.
I chose the second door to the right.
Behind the door, we found a flight of stairs, leading downwards.
At the moment, it was quiet, and still.
We walked down, what seemed to be forever, and was several floors down.
There we found a new hall, and she chose the third door to the left.
We soon noticed a faint glowing, enough to let us see.
What we found was a table with two suit on it, and changing booths.
The Suit: </i>
Inside of the booth, I noticed what the suit was.
Just could not quit believe what it was.
The pinkish cerise was no problem for me, but it's a bit on the curious side.
Most of the booth was reflective, just like a mirror.
Somehow, it made me feel safer, and gave me a chance to see how I look in the suit t
:iconmorphieanna:MorphieAnna 10 0
Halloween, the Cheer-Leader
In the Morning: </i>
I had just woken up, I was about to put on my clothes.
Then my feet bumped into something as I sat up on my bed.
To my surprise I find a box with what appears to be a suit.
The Suit: </i>
I pull out the package, and then open the box to see what it contains.
The first I found was the top.
After that, there is a skirt, the stockings, and the shoes for me to wear.
Why ells it was there, if not for me to wear it?
Ofcause, there are the pompoms.
Now it hit me.
It's a Cheer-Leaders suit.
I momentarily ponder the suit.
Finding it somewhat unusual, even on the unconventional side, even for me.
Then I let go of the notion.
The occasion is only once a year.
I have a suit.
Not to have a suit would ruin the event no end.
A Change: </i>
It's time.
Now I need to pull the suit on.
That's the time of the day, and season.
As I once more look down at the suit in the package, it strikes be as very odd a choice.
I slide the skirt on, slipping my right
:iconmorphieanna:MorphieAnna 10 0
Mature content
Hitting the Wave 0001 :iconmorphieanna:MorphieAnna 11 2
The First Day as a Pet 0001
I had just arrived at the door.
My excitement and expectations were at a peak.
Could barely breath.
The next moment the door swung open, and there she was.
I could see her standing before me, and I promptly stepped in.
The time was exactly as decided.
She had asked me to come at exactly this time of the day.
I did not need to wait for her to say, and my shoes came off.
Following her to the designated room
Then sat down, comfortably awaiting her fulfilling her part.
My Hair:</i>
As I lean back, she wash my hair, now I could not turn back.
She spray my hair with warm water, then work it over with her hands.
The next moment, she had pulled out a bottle of shampoo, before working it in,
in my hair.
This was every bit as delightful as I had expected.
I could finally relax, this was just as a dream.
For a moment, I feared it was just that, a dream.
I would wake up any moment now.
Only I felt her hands working my hair, felt the scent of the shampoo.
Then she w
:iconmorphieanna:MorphieAnna 43 2
Halloween, my little Chakat
A Quick Surprise:</i>
I rarely have anything with the mails, not even bills these days.
Since I don't order anything on line, or anything at all,
there is nothing of that nature either.
Still, I check the mail every week, at least, just for the sake of it.
Today is is a Monday, and I walk out the door, checking the mail.
To my surprise, there is something in, waiting for me.
The Package:</i>
I had picked up the package and placed in my bedroom earlier.
Now I unwrapped the paper around the box of the package.
Ofcause I had checked that the address was indeed mind.
Then I had also made sure the content was intended for me.
With that out of the way, I now opened the box.
For a moment, it looked as if it was a gift for a birthday, or Christmas.
There was no sign of this package was for a special occasion though.
Once the wrappings is out of the way, and the box is open,
I can finally get at the contents of the gift.
The Suit:</i>
I stick my hand into the space
:iconmorphieanna:MorphieAnna 2 0
Trick or Treat, Halloween Suit
The Shoppe:</i>
There you go.
The shoppe had just opened.
Now I just need to trick people into buying a few of my suits.
For now, there is a separate space for each suit.
The line the walls of the shoppe.
With only five suits up so far, I can spread them wide.
These suits are made to fit everyone.
It's not like your size matter to how the final look is to be anyway.
Then I have a line up in my front window.
I want to show off and entice people to come in, to buy the suits.
The shoppe is not my only means to reach my costumers.
I have a site on the net, from which I sell the suits too.
Aside from that, I have them sold by mail order, just like it was done before the net.
There are also people advertising it via phone.
I can't let go of a time tested means of spreading the sales, after all.
Then there are the agents, who invite people to check out the suits.
The Suit:</i>
The suits is made out of my very own rubber.
It's a rubber silicon base I
:iconmorphieanna:MorphieAnna 5 0
The Making of a Gargoyle:
The Girl:</i>
Preferably, you find a willing girl.
The reason is that if she's not willing to become a Gargoyle,
She needs to be of a proper age, between thirteen and twenty one is ideal.
If she's not agreeing to every step of the process, she'd become a rogue Gargoyle.
You most certainly don't want a rogue Gargoyle around.
You ask her if she agree to be covered in the latex, then to have a tail, and bat wings.
If she doesn't agree, you simply start over with a new girl, simple as that.
The Interview:</i>
“You feel okey with getting covered in latex?”
“Yes, please, for as long as you wish, preferably permanently! The girl replies.
“No problems with having a tail?”
“No, not really, sounds exciting!” she replies.
“Or the bat wings, then?”
“I can have bat wings?
Then I'd be able to fly?
I'd love to!” the girl replies.
“You'd become a Gargoyle for the rest of your life, and that's a very long time!”
:iconmorphieanna:MorphieAnna 61 12
Pet In A Bottles 0001
I had entered the store, I was looking for something fun as a present.
Then I came across what was referred to as 'Pet in a bottle'.
For some reason, I was seduced by the idea, the simplicity.
There is an image on the bottle, depicting a pony.
I could find other bottles with various images, of different pets.
Only I had decided I was to pick the pony.
How the clear liquid could form a pony, I had no clue.
In the end, I picked up the bottle, then paid for it and simply left the store.
I had had the fortune to had an errand close to where the gift was to be delivered.
The bottle is in a gift box, mush like most gifts are.
Naturally, it is wrapped in these festive coloured papers you have for gifts too.
As it came to be, I left the package outside the door, she'll be here momentarily.
She has just finished her work, and should be home within minutes now.
My Gift:</i>
I had found the package containing the gift the other day.
It's m
:iconmorphieanna:MorphieAnna 9 4
feTail Character Sample 0001 by MorphieAnna feTail Character Sample 0001 :iconmorphieanna:MorphieAnna 14 0
Blessings Of The Latex Hotel:1
Checking In:</i>
I had just entered the lobby of the hotel, it was a light space.
A few meters ahead, I see the young girl dressed in a shiny uniform, a wooden counter.
She wear a tight glistering black top, and light, bright cerise gloves.
Naturally I don't see her tights, matching her top.
I can however hear the little noises from her clear heels.
As I approach her, she say:
“Do you have a reservation?”
“No!” I reply.
“How long had you intended to stay!” she ask.
“A week would be nice!” I say.
“Would you prefer a single or double room?” she continue.
“I would love a double!” is my reply.
“Would you prefer your room with a view of the sea, the mountain, or the pool?
The sea is to the south, the mountain to the north, and the pool is in the middle!” she say.
“I think the pool is preferred!” I say, considering.
“We still have rooms available on the top floor, ground level, and below.
Which'd y
:iconmorphieanna:MorphieAnna 14 5
MerMerAides Companions 0001 by MorphieAnna MerMerAides Companions 0001 :iconmorphieanna:MorphieAnna 20 0 feTails Fashion 0001 by MorphieAnna feTails Fashion 0001 :iconmorphieanna:MorphieAnna 8 0 ManEquine Scale Wall 0001 by MorphieAnna
Mature content
ManEquine Scale Wall 0001 :iconmorphieanna:MorphieAnna 6 0
A Simple Mistake 01
A Mail:</i>
I had a birthday present for my sister to buy, but what would I give her?
Then a thought hit me, she had a poster of a pony on the wall in her room, I had seen it.
Ofcause, she'd love to have a a pony of her own.
Most, if not all girls I know wanted that, it'd be the safest bet to give her a pony.
Only problem, where do I manage to find a store selling ponies?
I had no clue.
Then I decided I could try to order by mail, so I started with the envelop.
On it, I placed the stamp, to cover the fee for the letter to go to the intended destination.
Then I placed our address on the opposite corner, marking it as it was from us.
Then I wrote the mail on our computer, stating what I wanted to order.
Explaining the best I could, that it was for my sisters birthday.
Then I finally glued an image of the intended pony to explain further.
Since the only image of anything looking like a pony was a pink pony,
that was what I used.
I guess I thought that ponies looked like they do
:iconmorphieanna:MorphieAnna 2 1

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