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Dark Pearl 2.0



Dark Pearl 2.0

Glass and darkness, hope you like it. :)

Installation procedure:

Install fonts (included in the .rar), extract folder Dark Pearl 2 and Dark pearl 2.theme to X:\Windows\Resources\Themes

X - system partition, usually C


Thanks to
and Mr.GRiM [link]
for their excellent visual styles and certain visual elements used in this VS.

For those who prefer standard fonts: [link]
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It's the first time since I decided to use themes in OS since I was a kiddo 10 years ago using one for XP and I must say that Your theme, dear author, is exactly what a traditional perfectionist who likes improvements in a form of moderate changes wants instead of radical changes and neonish stuff.

The catalisator for my search was jealousy to Win10 Dark Theme as that's one of the literally few actually good changes for all the time and I wouldn't switch to 10 so had to search for something.
And Your v1.1 was among 5 I tested for a week and the moment I tried reaching you asking for knowledge how to improve it I found that you actually already did v2.0 which fixed color bugs like Menu color background being RGB:30-30-30.

Huge THANK YOU! I will suggest Your piece of work to all of my friends who still uses Windows 7.

P.S. Please, could you reupload this theme with standard fonts?