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Toon Zoroark

My entry for the CDC! this month, which happens to be pokemon. I drew my favorite, Zoroark in a more cartoony style. I approached this with the mind set of "would I be able to animate this?" and kept the design fun and simple. I may end up actually animating him one day as he was a blast to draw. His personality is a trickster of course and even though he's strong against ghost types, he's deathly afraid of them. Enjoy!
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Base on mobile game Toon Blast
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I the the expressions on this one.
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Definitely more funny looking than normal zoroark. I like it.
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So expressive! =0
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Its so smooth Great job!!!
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Oh my gosh, that's downright silly! XD
Well done!
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Love the expressions my dude, my favorite being the bottom left. 
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hey man! do you offer commissions at all by chance? love your style!
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hey there, at the moment no I do not.  I'm just too busy at my day job to offer any commissions but stick around and perhaps in the future i'll do them again.
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that's all good! thankyou for your time anyway :D
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Looks amazing! Loving all the different faces!
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I love the bottom left 'scared/shocked' pose! :D
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I like the bottom right pose
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So animated in the face! Love the style!
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