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Hey everyone, Alexis here. We're happy to be bringing you three regular updates a week, but you know what's even better? Animations.

Today's offering is a flash animation by shadowednavi and stkbayfield. Trust me, you do NOT want to miss this one. Have you been wondering how everyone got in that terrible, filthy place, with all those injuries? This just might start to shed a little light on the situation.

Check out the animation here:…

Or you can see how we got here by starting from the beginning:
morphE the webcomic has been up for a month now and has been getting off to an amazing start.

- 44 posted comics
- 66 signed up fans
- 4,658 unique visitors
- 56,000 page views
- 1 fan-made Ask Blog on Tumblr.

For a comic which has only been running for 31 days, this is incredible. I love the internet for being so receptive to a young fandom. Here's hoping that more comes in the future as we move in to Chapter 2.

For those who have not yet seen the comic, feel free to check out the prologue preview I posted to dA.

morphE - The Prologue by stkbayfield

Or one of our Askblogs

Ask Tyler Dawn (by :iconstkbayfield:)

Ask Asia Ellis (by :iconshadowednavi:)

Ask Billy Thatcher (by :iconchibisilverwings:)

Ask Amical

Ask Adrestia


The comic's Facebook page is here:…
The game's tumblr is here:
After their rescue from a madwoman’s hellish subterranean caverns, five humans have their eyes opened to the dark truth lurking under normal society. A "benefactor" takes them in, but he’s a cold-blooded killer with a deadly fixation on the new mages. In a world of magic, vampires, werewolves, ghosts and far creeper creatures, can he be trusted? Can anyone?

Warning: morphE is a kinetic novel slightly animated in flash. It involves themes of brutal violence, sexuality (gay, straight, and other), and much cruelty. If dark or adult content offends you, this may not be your cup of tea.

Read the comic here:


The comic's Facebook page is here:…
The game's tumblr is here:

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