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When I was in a math class with Amanda, I used to read her 'La Corda D'oro' manga like, every day. The other day I came across the anime, and I didn't remember anything about it, except something about a magical violin.

So, I started to watch it. La Corda D'Oro, primo passo.
With my sister.

La Corda D'oro is like, the king of all shoujo.

It has every steriotypical thing you might expect of a shoujo, all down to the reverse harem and blatant shunning of any other female characters than Kahoko.

Kirsten's favorite character is…… She used to refer to him as "The perfect pretty boy." After seeing my look of disgust, she got a blank look on her face and said, "...uh...He's a bitch, isn't he?"

Uh, yeah. Actually, he's pretty cool. XD
Like, Haseo cool. As in, he is comparable in coolness to Haseo.
Yeah, that way. XD

My favorite character is Shimizu Keiichi <… hope he ends up with the clarinet-girl-who-is-never-mentioned-because-she-is-not-a-hot-guy. That girl is so cute. If they got together I would die from their sheer combined cuteness.

Okay, now I'm gonna go eat a doughnut and watch some more addicting shoujo. Tah.
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<=D ILY!!!!!!
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XD I started reading that a while ago. I was annoyed that they only had "pretty, elegant" instruments. Well ya know what? They trombone is was too cool for you! XP XD I think I only read the first one or two volumes.
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Same With the French Horns...


Although I figured they were pretty elegant... :P
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They didn't have one? I swear I saw one! It was probably in a different manga then. That's weird though because I would expect a French Horn to be there.
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Too hard to draw over and over, probably. I'd wimp out too if I were her XD
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And yet she can bring herself to draw a trumpet? I mean it's not as difficult, but still.
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