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TheWorldWaltz: Silabus+Haseo

It is amazing...the lengths to which I will go for t3h lawlz. :D
This time it's my favorite crack pairing xD
Silibus and Haseo, dancing in the land of t3h deaths~
The second I thought of this, I had to draw it.
Last one, I swear. :'D

.hackGU doesn't belong to me.
Neither does the background, it was a free download off t3|-| official site.
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MP210 series
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i really like this picture i have a question though.....what the thing on silabus's arm lol
morphea-chan's avatar
I dunno....His sleeve?
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hahaha.. Haseo dance with Silabus...? they're so funny crack ^^
empress-emeraldia's avatar
Wonderful! Even without the background >.>

Aww, you're better at computer/anime art than me...
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Thank you...
But you're way way better at drawing real things than I am!
sapphires-of-ice's avatar
But they look so happy!
morphea-chan's avatar
They are so happy xD
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Kickass coloring job! Awesome. You did really well on the foreshortening.
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