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Gonza [CLOSED]

These are creatures with a shell-shaped growth and a body that combines a deer and a mollusk. Thanks to the suction cups on the body of the mollusk, they can climb mountains with a huge slope. They feed mainly on grass, but the body of the mollusk can dissolve absorbed bones and receive calcium. It is needed to strengthen the shell, as well as the bones of the animal. Due to this, even after falling from a height, the bones do not break, and the animal receives only bruises and abrasions. Cubs have a carapace plate that protects them from predators when they hide in a shell. Adults cannot do this because the plate falls off with age. An indicator of an adult animal is the absence of "antennae" on the head. According to them, the mother distinguishes her cub from strangers. With age, they disappear and the mother leaves the cub, as she no longer recognizes it. Instead of "antennae", two small bony growths remain in their place.

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Starting bid: $20
Minimum Increments: $2 or more
Autobuy: $100
Payment on PayPal
End of auction - 3 days after last bid
Serious bidders only, please! No fakebids, no holds: don't bid if you cannot afford or pay when the auction ends.

Payment must be done within 3-4 days. If not, I'll open auction again.
The winner will receive a high-resolution file and file with a transparent background.

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Awesome creatures.

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you're welcome

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Oooh, it's very interesting species project!

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Thank you! :>

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Bid here please!

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Sorry, Screw-Me-Silly-Stringfrok FA was firts with SB.

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You won! :>

I`ll write to you in PM~

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