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Speed painting of the Christopher Nolan´s movie "The dark knight Rises". A fight between Batman and Bane (Christian Bale and Tom Hardy). Ilustration using Potoshop and Wacom tablet.
Check the process on youtube:


Hope you like it :D
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You know, people like you piss me off. You post these awesome works and then you're like "lol, it's just a speed painting. Took me like twenty minutes." Your hum drum modesty is not welcome here, good sir!

But seriously, this is sweet.
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I thought it was a scene from the movie for a second, ABSOLUTLY BEAUTIFUL! :D
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Unbelievable!! This is really amazing!!
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excelente vacan que buen ilustrador..desde colombia!! te seguimos!!
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excellent!! my favorite!!
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i'm not completely convinced this isn't a photograph. haha, seriously, your work is beyond amazing!
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Excellent work.All I can say is great.10 out of 10.I ve done the same scene,please check mine.Yours is simply much much better.
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I thought its a movie still...!!! awesome.. coloring and lighting.. is great..
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The art is like a combo of Sly Cooper, Borderlands, and DKR all rolled into one awesome piece. Nice work!
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I'm not okay with how freaking AMAZING this is! <3 I love your talent! Incredible!
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When I first saw this I thought it was just a screen shot from the movie but then I looked more closely and I was like "Holy crap, somebody PAINTED that?! Omg!" xD
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That is some real talent right there! Holy cow!
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HOLY- I THOUGHT THIS WAS A PHOTO! nicely done C: it really captures the intense battle between them!
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this is amazing.... truly, like holy crap ! o.O <3 great job ^.^
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great job man.. truly unbelievable.
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Hombre! this is.. this is too much awesome! I really have no other words!
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I hope you know how ridiculously fantastic this painting is! I was just properly floored watching your time lapse YouTube video; that made it even more awe-inspiring! (What are you using as the music for your vid?)

FABULOUS work, and I can't wait to see more Batman art from you once the TDKR comes out! ;)
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