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I feel that this needs to be said. There are quite a few social arguments in the US, which is fine, but what troubles me is the double standard of hate that goes along with these arguments. Only one side is allowed to hate. When you attack some one based on their beliefs or threaten their life or lively hood because they believe differently than you do you are spreading hate. Your cause becomes one of hate and bigotry. Hate and bigotry know no sex, orientation, color or religion. All people can hate and all hate brings is more hate. To many hate is no big deal right? Well does anyone remember a little known German man named Hitler? His hate for the world and the jews threw the world into the worst war it had ever seen and the biggest genocide it had ever seen. One man's petty hate lead to the torture and eventual death of millions. Nothing good will ever come from hate. When everyone is a bigot no one wins. Only through loving respect and understanding for peoples differences can we make this country and world a worth while place to live. Even if its blacks hating whites, whites hating blacks, homosexuals hating Christians, Americans hating Muslims or ISIS hating everyone the hate from all sides needs to stop because hate will only bring more hate and what happens when that is all that is left int he world?
On the fringes of reality is a world cut off from the universe. A world much like, yet completely different from our own. A world of immpossible and unlikely things. Thousands of lost people find it every year but once they realize it its too late. For they can not escape the Fat Zone!

I got this Idea for a series of short stories by looking at some of Satsurou's pics and I feel he deserves some credit for inspiring me. Now lets hope I can pound out a few in the near future. Not having word sucks.
Sup guys. Havnt been posting any new diviations because i've been really busy. To my poetry fans I have been playing with words but havnt been able to get then to fit just right but im working on some new stuff. My WG story is on the back burner because my computer dosnt have word so its realy hard to right it. That said Im looking for a good WG artist to draw me a pic or two. Unfortunatly I wont be ablt to compensate you for you time ,hence the title requests. If any WG artists need Ideas im chock full of them to hit me up if your interested.
ok guys more of my weight gain story has been posted and I hope you like it. I would also like to have a wg artist draw the main character Karen Elis as she gains weight.
As my first journal entry I'd like to give a shout out to some of my favorite artists. oupelay, SpiralingStaircase, Satsurou, hadoukenchips and kastemel. You guys rock! your work is awsome. May you never run out of Ideas but if you do hit me up and I'll give you some.

Heads up guys more of my weight gain story is on the way so be prepared for more calorie induced madness now with an extra serving of fat. Also If any wg artists want to do a wg sequence of my character Karen Elis feel free to do so just remember to show me the results if you do.