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+The Prey+

Hi :wave:


Something different from my usual work.

I tried to adjust the cat fur to make it look as natural as possible but I don't think I've made it right though.

Btw, the cat is called Moonshine :earth: :heart:

NOTE: I enable critique, but please be nice, okay?. If you're non-premium member and want to give critique just write in the normal comment box. Any suggestion is appreciated, thank u :)

Credit for stock & resources:

Cat: ~PhantasmaStock
BG: ~AJK-Original-Stock

Thank you so much for stock usage :blowkiss: :hug:

Thank you for comment & :+fav:, I appreciate it a lot :cuddle:

I give permission to all of the clubs listed in my journal to submit this in their gallery.
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This piece immediately caught my eye. Maybe it’s because I have a black cat (he’s awesome), maybe it’s because I dig darker stuff anyway… but something about this really drew me in, and I had to add it to my critique docket. In your caption, you remarked that you weren’t sure you rendered the fur right. I love the way you chose to render it. It looks soft and amazing. The cat’s eyes are a really cool color (I can’t tell if you started with that color eyes or adjusted them to make them look that way - but either way, they are enchanting and add to the piece! Putting the tree branches with the bird on it in the background is a nice touch, and without it, the title wouldn’t make any sense. The ominous, looming clouds also add to the foreboding feel of this work. Usually I try to encourage someone who’s used a lot of one color to incorporate other colors… but since the use of blue here seems to have been so intentional (it’s essentially a monochrome color) and since it really works, in my opinion, I’ll focus on another thing that, for me, was a bit confusing about this piece. The fence the cat is atop seems pretty shiny… of course, it’s textured, that makes sense, but I don’t often see a fence that reflects light quite as much as that one seems to. I feel that, if you were to tone down the highlights there a bit, the fence would probably look more realistic.

Overall, I really enjoy the feel of this piece and I plan to show it to my eldest daughter (who absolutely ADORES her black cat, and would love this. Thank you for creating this stunning artwork!

This critique brought to you by The Jolly Old Roger, Merry Critmas!

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While the artist has mentioned they didn't quite feel they accomplished natural looking fur, I must disagree. I enjoy the way the edited fur looks almost painted, adding a kind of artistic blend to the picture. This makes it look less realistic in a very good, ethereal way.

Good points of the picture are composition, contrast and setup. While I do understand and enjoy the choice of a monochromatic color scheme, I think a small touch [ like in the cat's eyes ] of foreign color may have been a good punch - as cliché as that sounds.

My only other critique is that I'm not so sure of the texture of the fence. The clouds, cat's fur, and even to some degree the bird silhouette, are all softer textures. The harsh texture of the fence seems somewhat out of place.
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I agree with the critique about the fence, and it's not about realism, but rather the integrity of visual style. Although I strongly disagree about the eyes -- for the same integrity reasons. I think making them different color would only make the cat look somewhat demonic and cheesy in this setting.
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I agree with Gatobob's critique of the cat and sky, but I believe the juxtaposition of the softer cat's fur and sky do not clash with the harder fence, but add a realism to the overall composition.

It's almost a commentary of the cat, a cuddly - though mysterious and somewhat devious-looking, independent, yet in need of affection and attention; is riding high on a hard, stark fence weathered by the elements and time. Together, yet separate. Not all pieces of a composition have to follow the same set of rules in order to be part of the whole.

The fence's sharp contrast would be natural compared to the softer element of the feline's coat. To 'soften the fence' would make the composition less 'realistic' and more 'surrealistic' in my opinion.

A very exceptional portrait. Well done indeed!!
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Please look at the same fence in a different work from this series:


It's a lot softer, but still very realistic, matching the setting perfectly, in my opinion.
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Aren't opinions awesome?! We all have the ability to share them...!
I can see the differences, and still like the original work on which I commented. :D

Happy holidays!
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I was thinking to put light blue/green for the cat's eye, maybe later. Yup, now I noticed I should have soften the fence a lil bit.

Thanks for the suggestion. I appreciate it. Have a nice day :heart:
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Haunting & lovely art work.😸
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Gorgeous work, we had a cat like this.   Black Cat 
I feel you have done the fur beautiful, it does look the lighting
Seen @…
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Love it! It looks like my cat! :heart:
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What a Beautiful Cat !! :squee:
And those Pictures are awsome!

I'm totally in Love with this Beauty!  Heart Heart Heart 
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Just gorgeous.  :love: reminds me of my cat I had when I was a kid, her name was Chiquita.  
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I have a very simple opinion about your art, cause I'm not an artist. I really love cats and I think this is amazing! So deep, so strong and I love the way you represent the soul of this beautiful buddy. I've never been in Russia, but I don't know why these pictures make me feel like I am there. And finally I think If Moonshine could speak, He'd tell you how flattered he feels.  

Keep it up! Heart 
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Absolutely cute!
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I love cats and this is a beautiful one :) Besides, I love the gloomy atmosphere...
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Very Beautiful!!!!
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I really love these cat photos
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