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Welcome to my page~ I do stuff here. Y'know, upload art and talk to people. So yeah. Thanks for visiting!


Sometimes stuff is made for me by awesome people that I can put here! Check it out~

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PKMN-NH: Aurora

Full Name: Aurora Louise Irwin

Nicknames: Rosie, Aura, Ms. Irwin, Doll

Pokemon: #151

Coloration: Normal

Age: 29

Date of Birth: April 11

Gender: Female

Height: 5’4”

Weight/Build: Lean

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Relationship Status: Single

Faction: Citadel

Job: Assistant

Weapon: Crossbow


Nature: Calm

Characteristic: Often lost in thought

Ability: Synchronize


  • Psychic: <The target is hit by a strong telekinetic force.> This attack forces most opponents back. Can only be used on one target at a time, each consecutive attack being weaker. Takes a mental toll on her.

  • Ancient Power: <The user attacks with prehistoric power. It may also raise all the user’s stats at once.> Ancient items and words seem to materialize around her, suddenly shooting forwards and hitting the target before disappearing soon after. This attack forms over the course of about fifteen seconds and although she is able to move, these movements are slowed. In addition, in the last five seconds of the charging time he cannot change her target or end the attack early.

  • Barrier: <The user throws up a sturdy wall that sharply raises it’s defense stat.> A wall of psychic energy forms quickly, four feet wide and seven feet tall. This takes a toll on her both mentally and physically, and is often used as a last resort. It lasts for one minute and nothing physical can pass through it.

  • Aura Sphere: <The user lets loose a blast of aura power from deep within it’s body at the target. This attack never misses.> This attacks forms over the course of about ten seconds, leaving her vulnerable to other attacks until it is released. If she is stopped then the energy releases around her without causing any harm.


HP: ***

ATK: *

DEF: ** / ** / *

SPD: **

SP.DEF: **



A hard-working woman, Aurora always does her best to help out her colleagues. She enjoys learning about the hobbies and passions of those around her, even if they don’t interest her. If you’ve seen her work station you’d be amazed at how everything has a place. If she ever gets a label maker, run. Still, despite all of her passions she is likely to go deep into them all with people that she doesn’t know. Anxiety runs her life and she’d rather curl up with a book than actually run around telling people about it. The quiet woman is easy to manipulate, even if she may complain about it to a friend later.

  • Studious

  • Organized

  • Open-Minded

  • Kind

  • Caring

  • Loyal

  • Nerd

     ~ Quiet

  • Sensitive

  • Pushover

  • Anxious

  • Gullible

  • Hesitant



From a young age, Aurora found that her interests differed from those around her. She never really grew out of that dinosaur loving phase that many children go through. Even when her younger sister would bug her about going outside and playing games she’d sit stubbornly in her room, reading and taking notes. She loved her books, with and without illustrations. Even if she didn’t socialize with most other children her age her parents were all around supportive of their older daughters interests. They’d rather her be academically inclined than getting wrapped up with a bad crowd.

Oh and how her life got even better when her best friend introduced her to comic books! The colorful illustrations caught her eye immediately. It was so easy to get caught up in these other worlds where anything was possible and science could make you stronger than you could ever imagine. Although she still would do well in her classes, in subjects such as math she’d gotten reprimanded on multiple occasions for reading instead of actually doing her work.

Yes comic books were just one of the highlights of her school life. However she found joy in one other place; history. Instead of going to school dances or meeting up at the mall she would read about ancient civilizations and wars. The girl was practically a sponge of random historical knowledge. Could tell you anything you wanted to know about the military tactics of the Romans if you asked her. This passion stayed with her through college and ended up being what she majored in.

While in college, Aurora entered a rather serious relationship with a man a couple of years older than her. They worked together to help her get a job near where they both ended up living. For six years the couple geeked out together over video games, history and comic books. Within their small group of friends they were the nerdy power couple. At twenty seven years of age she felt like her life had gone in the perfect direction. She was working as a historian, had an amazing partner and a close group of friends. Then, all of a sudden, it felt like one of her comic books became reality.

Aurora had been alone in the apartment for about a week, her boyfriend off in France on a work trip. That was when she heard the news. Immediately panic rose in the woman’s chest when she learned about the living dead, zombies, walking corpses, whatever you wanted to call them. She made multiple calls to her boyfriend who tried to assure her that he’d be home soon until he stopped answering her calls. She couldn’t contact the rest of her family either. It was like everyone’s phones were shut off. Then the city was evacuated. Aurora boarded a bus, alone, that was headed out of the city. All she had was a bag and her anxiety. They were on the road for almost a day in stop and go traffic.

Despite everything going on she tried to be hopeful. That is until panic rose. People fled their cars, running off in all directions, and Aurora couldn’t understand why until she saw the already decaying bodies stumbling in from all directions. Although most people fled from the bus, she stayed on with a few others, including the driver. Screams filled the air as many of the citizens around them were taken down or bitten, soon to change into the monsters they had tried to flee from. It was like living in a nightmare.

The group stayed on the bus for three days, living off of the random supplies that everyone had brought. No matter what, though, the group didn’t open the doors. Things seemed to have quieted down outside however and they eventually ventured out together. They stuck together in a group, finding supplies and a couple of other survivors. Aurora was haunted by her experiences and yet did her best to help out her group. They stayed strong for the first year, setting themselves up in a smaller neighborhood where they took residence in two of the houses. They had no power and yet things seemed to be going well. Even with the heartbreak of not knowing what happened to her boyfriend, Aurora felt almost… happy.

Of course whenever it seemed like she’d achieved happiness it was torn away from her. Raiders. A group of much more violent individuals than her own. They came at night and went through one house at a time. Aurora only got away because they’d attacked her home second. No prisoners were taken, they just killed and took all of the supplies that the group had managed to store. She never found out if anyone else survived. All she knew for certain is that the houses were completely destroyed, along with her hope. After that she felt almost numb, surviving off of basic instinct rather than an actual desire to live.

Although her group were labelled as wanderers they all knew about the major factions that had established themselves. All three had their own reputations and had interested her in the past. Maybe that was what led her into Citadel’s territory. When she was accepted it was like a small flame of hope was lit in her chest. Although she is wary of forming relationships again, that hopeful flame is slowly growing.

Likes: Comics, Multi-Colored Pens, Feeling Useful, Rain, Logic

Dislikes: Being Scared, Dogs, Fire



  • Multicolored Pen

  • Random Comic Books

  • Notebooks

  • An Old Photo

  • Rubber Bands

  • Paper Clips

  • Sticky Notes

  • Scissors


  • Dreams of writing a history book on the origins of the different factions. She finds them to be fascinating and would even like to get the backstories of different wanderers.

  • Hoards comic books in her room. They’re her small way to escape from what all is going on around her.

  • After being attacked by a dog as a child, she is scared of them. She doesn’t want to dislike them but her body immediately reacts when she sees or hears a dog and she starts to panic.

  • Little sister calls her Aura because she could never fully pronounce Aurora.

Happy New Years
Of course these two dorks are going to kiss at midnight for New Years, even if Kane doesn't understand why. JUST LET HER HAVE THIS KANE.

Half-body: 300 x2
Base Colored: 100
Shaded: 150
Basic Background: 100
Reward: 2,019 Scrap

Total: 2,969 Scrap

Keira: Mine
Kane: The-Dark-Fallen
[Holiday Event] Bonfire
Hello I love these two dorks and you know that they would just sit by themselves for a while, enjoying the warmth of the fire.

Fullbody: 400 x2
Base Color: 100
Shaded: 150
Basic Background: 100
Gift Art: 150
Event Bonus: 1500 Scrap, 150 Poker Chips

Total: 2800 Scrap

Keira: Mine
Kane: The-Dark-Fallen
I saw someone advertising for this groups and damn do I love me some demons soooooooo if you want to join with me check it out!…



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