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Welcome to my page~ I do stuff here. Y'know, upload art and talk to people. So yeah. Thanks for visiting!


Sometimes stuff is made for me by awesome people that I can put here! Check it out~

Bronze Rose Pagedoll by OC-Goddess Gift-A-Thon: Day 3 by OC-Goddess Gift-A-Thon: Day 4 by OC-Goddess



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


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Flower Baby
Have a cute picture of my flower girl.

Fullbody: 175
Base Colored: 100
Cell Shaded: 75

Scrap Total: 350 Scrap
Honestly I love Keira and all of her friends. They're such good children and make me very happy.

Gift Art: 150 x4
Headshot: 75 x4
Fullbody: 175 x2
Base Colored: 100 x6
Cell Shaded: 75 x6

Scrap Total: 2,300 Scrap

Kane and Zuri: The-Dark-Fallen
Greg: Sungeist
Magi: g1rk
Lucian: Koma-Night
Keira: my bean
PKMN DD: Tayliss

Full Name: Tayliss Rose Mason

Nicknames: Sunny

Pokemon: Sunflora

Age: 32

Date of Birth: April 12

Gender: Female

Height: 5'06"

Hometown: Edmonton

Relationship Status: Single

Faction: Citadel

Job: Horticulturist

Ability: Chlorophyll

Nature: Jolly

Summary Characteristic: Highly Curious


  • Solar Beam: <In this two-turn attack, the user gathers light, then blasts a bundled beam on the next turn.> Tayliss is able to gather solar energy and use it to attack one target within a ten-foot range. This attack weakens when the sun is behind clouds.

  • Razor Leaf: <Sharp-edged leaves are launched to slash at the opposing Pokémon. Critical hits land more easily.> Tayliss summons sharp leaves and they are launched with what seems to be a strong gust of wind.

  • Pound: <The target is physically pounded with a long tail, a foreleg, or the like.> Tayliss throws a strong punch or kick.

  • Giga Drain: <A nutrient-draining attack. The user’s HP is restored by half the damage taken by the target.> Tayliss is able to take energy from another person, taking it to revitalize herself. She must be making skin-to-skin contact in order to do this.


HP: ***

ATK: *


SPD: *

SP.DEF: **



Tayliss is a gentle and soft-spoken woman, having matured from her youth. When she does go out of her way to interact with others it can be hard to understand her at first until she actually gets into a conversation. Even then you’ll probably need to stand close to her. Despite being quiet she is generally a happy woman and lives an idealistic life. She looks on the bright side of things and makes the best of every situation, no matter what she has to do. Sometimes she tries to figure out what others are doing, and tries her best to help them. Usually this means that she drops her own work to do so.

Although she is a very organized person, it is required for her to live a successful life. She takes notes and makes to-do lists because otherwise she wouldn’t get anything done. Typically she moves slowly and looks around everywhere she goes. Although this is because she cares for her own safety, it tends to lead to her getting even more distracted.

   + Gentle

   + Idealistic

   + Resourceful

   + Organized

   ~ Nosy

   - Forgetful

   - Hesitant

   - Absent-Minded

   - Easily Startled


Tayliss grew up in a simple household. Two parents who were happily married, and a younger brother who annoyed her every day. As a child she loved to explore her neighborhood and go to the Elk Island National park. It always seemed like she spent her time outside. She had books that talked about the different animals that you could see outside and ended up spending time trying to identify as many plants as she possibly could. It was like a game for her. She would go outside with a notebook and at least two books about plants, and if she found something she would say where and when and add a little drawing.

Getting older meant having to spend more time at school and doing her homework. She didn’t really see any of her school friends outside of the building very often, never making plans with them. This didn’t mean that she was antisocial, just that she enjoyed spending her down time by herself. There was a nearby place where she would sit amongst the trees, reading or studying, enjoying being out in the sun. Sometimes her little brother would come along if he promised to be quiet.

School moved along this way, quiet and peaceful, full of school and half-formed friendships. By the time she was ready to go off to college she was a woman who took her time going with the flow of the world. Normally she was used to focusing on one thing at a time, but at college she began to experience a newly formed panic that she was not used to. She would lose track of time, forget what was due and ended up with multiple missing projects and papers. Things went very poorly and after that first semester it seemed like she was unable to do anything the right way. This left her frustrated, often either cooped up in her dorm or taking multi-day long trips to try and clear her mind. She’d gotten a notification from the school that she needed to meet with a counselor and work out an improvement plan or else she would be required to leave. This was less a wake up call and more an additional source of panic for her.

The first time she met with her counselor it was all just going over the details of her academic problems. She was hesitant to share any personal information, let alone the fact that she was the entire reason for her academic failures. Slowly, through gentle words and personal stories, he helped to break through those barriers. He ended up being the person who showed her how to keep track of upcoming projects, writing down due dates and what was needed for each assignment. They’d use planners to break down her schedule and when she would actually need to work on everything. It proved to be a beneficial tool for her and although the next semester was still rocky, she managed to pass. The same man was her counselor all through college. She honestly feels that she owes her success to him.

Becoming a horticulturist felt like the most natural thing for her to do. The woman spent her entire life studying plants and this let her put it to good use. While in college there was a nearby botanical garden that she spent time in. By the time she graduated she knew every plant in the building and could tell you facts about any of them if you asked. She started working there, accepting any job that she could. She’d worked at the help desk, in the store, and ended up becoming the supervisor for the gardens. It felt like a dream come true and she fully dedicated herself to her job.

For years she helped the gardens to be as successful as possible, even hosting events bring in school children and others for things such as potting your own plants, or simple tours Things that drew attention to it all. The woman seemed organized and, in a way, was. Her office walls were covered in sticky notes and she had three separate calendars to help her keep track of everything.

Her introduction to the apocalypse was slower than some. At first, multiple workers were calling off because of family incidents, and she had to close down the gardens for the day since it was for the best. As she worked over some paperwork, her phone was buzzing almost non-stop. First were messages asking if she was okay, if she had heard the news. Scrolling through the texts she had even seen some from the brother and parents. It was through these messages that she had learned about most of what was going on. Violent attacks, a lot of death, pass panic. Even just sitting in her office she felt the panic rising up inside of her. That night she stayed in her office, locking the door, feeling safer in there rather than in her apartment complex. The next day she risked getting in her car and driving towards home. Things didn’t go well. She ended up driving off the road in an effort to avoid hitting someone. Left her car upside down. When she managed to get out she tried getting home on foot. There didn’t seem to be much that she could do, so many people were panicking. It was like she fell into a daze, trying her best to at least get some supplies. She was used to camping, she could just go out to the woods and be fine right? Wait for everything to blow over?

It didn’t just blow over. It seemed like everything that could go wrong did. People died, a lot of them. Tayliss was forced to run, sometimes forced to fight. It left her feeling sick to her stomach. It took so much time before she was able to actually relax again, and that was only after she found Citadel. Found people that didn’t want to fight her for supplies and who actually gave her an opportunity to help out. Now she mostly just blocks herself off from others, focusing on taking care of the crops and making notes to herself about how every day passes.

Likes: Plants, being outside, warm weather, storms, learning

Dislikes: Failure, fighting, politics, feet, blood


   - Likes to write down all of her notes with pens of different colors. If she doesn’t have paper she will write on her skin.

PTS will be opening again soon!




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