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Bonds that Bind - Art cover

So, after a very long time of zero artwork of my story, I decided to commission a good friend to draw me some. And voila, here's what he did. This scene represents the culmination of Summer's journey across Tavolous, leaving her battle-hardened, wary, surviving many dangerous encounters to make the final fight against Black Nex. Behind her you can see the capital of Verculum, the fate of all hanging in the balance. I don't consider this spoiling much as we've yet to see all which will happen leading up to this.

Older readers of my story will notice I changed the title from Bonds of Eeveelution to Bonds that Bind. It's something I should've done ages ago, as I like this sense of maturity now - this being a story aimed more towards adults who still enjoy Pokémon but seek darker tones. That being said, I have nothing against anyone who fancies giving Bonds that Bind a read, just be aware it's far from child-friendly.

This gorgeous artwork comes courtesy of the amazingly talented :iconeryz-defin: - absolutely go give him a look!
If you like what you see and are after a good read, consider checking out my story. Please remember to favourite if you love this art, comment your thoughts below, and share around! While I'm not the fastest writer out there, I'd like to reach as many people as possible. Thanks for stopping by.

Bonds that Bind and its characters belong to MorningSunEspeon | Artwork belongs to Eryz-Defin | Pokémon (franchise) belongs to The Pokémon Company, Nintendo, Game Freak, Creatures
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Wow this is a really great piece! Eryz-Defin did a fantastic job! It's been too long since I've last read Bonds, and I certainly partly blame higher education for that.

That aside, I do plan some time to start from the beginning and read up, it's certainly been cool to follow what was happening with all the characters as they went onward.

MorningSunEspeon's avatar

Really appreciate it, Sky! Bonds ain't going anywhere so anytime you're ready, you go ahead. Hope you're staying safe! ;3

The feeling's mutual, hope you're doing alright yourself. And by the by, that's a great new profile pic you're sporting there!

MorningSunEspeon's avatar

Sure am, good balance between work, writing, and gaming!

Good to see. As said, that's a really nice profile pic you're now sporting. I'll figure out time to start reading Bonds again

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Why thankies! Same artist and friend who did Bonds art cover drew him for me. I love him! uwu

I only hope you enjoy and that you may leave renewed thoughts and comments! <3

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Whoa, Michael! This rocks! Dang, Summer's got some scars on her. I like that! And OH MY GOSH! That's a ferris wheel in the background! :D

Eryz did a fantastic job! I also agree that the new title is an upgrade.

MorningSunEspeon's avatar

Glad you approve! uwu

He certainly done me proud, as he always does. Is gonna take me an age to reach this stage in the story... qwq

Eryz-Defin's avatar

It was a pleasure doing this job for you pal

Best of lucks *^____^*

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looks amazing UwU

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