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Published: October 8, 2016
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Bullet; Pink  :awkward: Okay, First so all the Belle-lovers out there don’t eat me alive... Belle is indeed a very impressive girl with many extraordinary attributes. Alas those they highlight in her movie (and don’t give me any of that extended lore stuff, I will just roll my eyes at you, we deal with the one true movie here. We’re purists or something.) aren’t such that one can really showcase on stage. Beauty, understanding or a love of reading are difficult to make a number out of.  Now please laugh at the joke...

Bullet; Pink  People gather in front of the new poster and then scatter to talk about their prospective acts.

Bullet; Pink  The Genie will not be hosting. He is just a picture, maybe he’s a celeb from the TV the poster-artist is referencing or something. No he will not be hosting. Don’t give me that look.  I said no. No, I disagree! 

Bullet; Pink  Eric is definitely not using an excuse to pushing Vanessa off him... Whatever gives you that idea..? ;P

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Book: Crown/court duel - Sherwood Smith

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I wonder if there will ever be a continuation of this story
It’s interesting and unique
I will like to see the ending
katoziz75's avatar
Sorry I was checking on the wrong date and not the last post
Don’t pay attention to what I wrote
I’m really sorry
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Morloth88 Digital Artist

I was really confused there for a moment ^^

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ReikamigirlHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm glad you went with a Genie outline on the poster.
Morloth88's avatar
Morloth88 Digital Artist
He is magical.
Morloth88's avatar
Morloth88 Digital Artist
He is my favourite to write for. :D
PickaPluckofCherries's avatar
PickaPluckofCherriesHobbyist Traditional Artist
Mr. Robinson, Calhoun, and Maleficent are all judges. Geez, I can't wait to see others, if Vannelope and Ralph try out showing competitive strategy games as them trying out and failing.
Morloth88's avatar
Morloth88 Digital Artist
Dr Robinson?
No not at all, his boys will be preforming, he'd be biast.

They won't
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eddfan1998Student Artist
What could Hiro and Pinocchio do in this talent show?
Morloth88's avatar
Morloth88 Digital Artist
Hiro deosn't attend the school his brother works at.
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And the award for best burn goes to.... Kuzco.
Kuzco: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Oh you are all too kind. But please keep up that applause. First I would like to thank everyone who helped me make it this far. Mainly me of course. *laughter* And I suppose I should thank Vanessa, but well I just don't want to. So again thank you everyone. Oh no stop it stop it you are embarrassing me. Ok I'm bluffing build it up!
Ah Kuzco I think that Morloth88 would appreciate it if you left room for other people to comment.
Kuzco: Oh what she doesn't mind. Come on she loves me.
Kuzco: Smile for the camera!
Morloth88's avatar
Morloth88 Digital Artist
*smiles for the camera*
Anything for you Kuzco. ;P
BrooklynrageSaywhat's avatar
Kuzco: I know.
Would you mind letting me go?
Kuzco: yeah after this next picture. Smile everyone!
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CJCroenHobbyist Traditional Artist
I quite like the idea of Genie being an in-universe celebrity! Maybe he's like his voice actor and a multi-talented comedian?
BrooklynrageSaywhat's avatar
You mean he is Robin Willams in this universe.
CJCroen's avatar
CJCroenHobbyist Traditional Artist
Basically, yeah.
BrooklynrageSaywhat's avatar
Robin Williams alive in another universe. It sounds like a dream.
CJCroen's avatar
CJCroenHobbyist Traditional Artist
A beautiful, beautiful dream.
BrooklynrageSaywhat's avatar
*stares in the distance looking at the sunset*
Morloth88's avatar
Morloth88 Digital Artist
Sounds perfect :)
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Gaston: "As you see I have biceps to spare" 
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'Nessa, I will spray you with a hose. :iconangryplz:

Flexing's not a real talent, dumb-ass!
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