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Hello Nurse

EDIT: Gosh I had no idea about thiese shorts! Wow! go look at 'em Roger rabbit shorts… Jessica is a Nurse on one :D

Gosh I hope none of them cheeky boys were actually feeling sick... their smiles and leers indicate none of them were... :ill: ;P

Nurse Smiley 
Lots of people was pointing out how full Jessica’s waiting room would be after I introduced her as the school nurse.

She might be a pretty woman, but she is a “no nonsense” kind of lady and would not put up with hoards of people coming in to her office just to ogle her.

The lady who keeps a bear-trap in her bra is definitely the kind of lady who would do a thing like this.
 nurses hunting 

As a person who has a real problem with syringes, I think i just drew my own worst nightmare in the hands of a dream... I am having mixed feelings.

It’s a classic joke. Sure it would have been even funnier if one of them had stayed behind and flummoxed Jessica but I did not feel any of the couldn’t think of a suitable subject and so a classic joke it would stay.:shrug: or :dunno:

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Does she have any pets?