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DHS FAQ. Sometimes I re-upload/update this to remind people.
:faq: remake 
SO... I have a written FAQ (frequently asked questions)
Buut I don't think people read it much. Also it's getting old so I decided to make a new updated one with fun pictures so it's more fun to read ;P
That trick works on our resident dyslexic (me) and so I decided it might work for you. :D

Occie Dance Think of me as Ursula; beautiful and evil. Drawing things here I refuse to draw in the comic and taunting you with it. I am just so nasty but I had fun drawing it so... I'm not sorry. EVIL Laughter!

I hope this clears some things up!

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Patreon Icon My Patreon is going to weigh in on at least some of these answers and in time those who contribute can and will change things.
Updates as/if that happens.

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Bullet; Red Added some for clarifications and details.
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For a moment I thought you would imply that any characters of other studios were from other schools.