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A-Death-Omen Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018
Isn't the next deviation meant to be out today? I need more Disney high!
Morloth88 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2018   Digital Artist
It is. I scheduled it.
It'll be up around 17:00 Swedish time on DA and a bit earlier on Tapas.
I guess your time zone and mine are quite different?
ClodaghNZ Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Love your comics 😻
Morloth88 Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018   Digital Artist
Thank you :hug:
ClodaghNZ Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You’re welcome 😇
Wonderland-Rebel Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018   General Artist
Another question (sorry) do you still hate unicorns?
Morloth88 Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018   Digital Artist
I still am against them on principal but I have mellowed out against almost everything (apart from TLM2) in my old age.
That still sparks that fevered anger in me.
Wonderland-Rebel Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018   General Artist
I've wondered this for a long time, but what do you think of Moana? I personally can't stand it but I won't get annoyed if you like it.

Also, what do you think of the live action remakes? I can't stand those either.

Sorry for bugging you with questions, I just really value your opinion. I've always been interested in what you think. You have a really good critical eye, because although you love Disney, you don't just blindly like all their offerings and you're willing to admit that they just want money. I'd rather talk to you about stuff like this than the types who just like everything because it's got the 'Disney' name on it.
Morloth88 Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2018   Digital Artist
I enjoyed Moana enough. :shrug: it wasn't great, but fun enough.
I would have left all the coconut fighting on the cutting-room floor.
The pig and chicken were useless which anyoed me. Funny and cute maybe but useless to a story point which I don't like.
Pretty and fun but I wasn't blown away. I liked the ending. I liked the begining and I have no taste or understanding of music. tone deaf so bad. So I liked all the song and really loved the rocks song. It was vary obvisly sung by someone who enjoyed themself and as I am tone deaf, that is nice to me.

I hate all the remakes.
They are not good movies. And that is such a shame cuz they are all pretty and have so many good actors in them. they want to be good movies but they are just not.
They keep suffering from the same problems. Bad pacing, clunky dialoge and all except malifecent are too unsure how to deal with the "adaptation bit" not sure if they want to be their own thing or copy the animated movies and so they do half and half and it turns in to a sad mess. Malifictn is also bad and ill paced but it atleast is trying its own thing almost all the way through. And people KEEP GOD DARN IT apologising for all them as they love the originals too much to care. 
It's not like they don't have moments to shine but once a movie is just too few times to justefy the watching of them. They are so pretty though. so very pretty.
Scripts suffer from fear of oribinality and that makes it such a chore to try to watch anything.
I mena sure. if you just wanna watch your favourite chracters do the same thing again to tickle that nostagia of yours. sure, That is what my DHS comic is about and so who a I to judge... but one can't really watch any of those movies with out having watched the animated originals first and enjoyed the movies on their own. They aren't good enough to stand alone. No. I have nothing but tried contempt for the live action remakes.
They have such high production value that if one turns out good. I'll be thrilled. But so far. Money grabbing garbage. and I think that isn't the actors fault... i think it has to do with Disney fear of hurting nostalgia and pure greed.
Wonderland-Rebel Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2018   General Artist
I agree, the coconut fighting was rather pointless. The pig and the chicken were also useless (though I must admit, the pig is adorable and I have plushies of him/her - my friends and I are still debating the pig's gender, they say he's a boy but he looks like a girl? And why can't we have a female sidekick for a change? The pig is actually the only thing I liked about the film). I did not, as a vegetarian with high morals against killing and eating living beings, appreciate the 'joke' where Moana ate pork in front of the pig. I also did not appreciate when the pig nearly drowned. These two thing were the pig's only role. And the chicken did even less than that.
I'm sure it was pretty, but with my visual impairment I couldn't really admire that sort of ting, I was struggling to try and see the characters and what was going on. My mum said there were nice colours (this was the only good thing she could say about the film), but again, too busy straining to try and see. That wasn't Disney's fault, but whst is Disney'd fault is that I will not endure a second viewing on a larger screen because it was too boring the first time. The Rock kind of annoys me. I always thought he was just an arrogant prick and I hoped he as Maui would prove me wrong. He didn't. Maui loves himself. The Rock loves himself. It's not even funny because they don't have redeeming qualities. I know Maui had a tragic backstory (on his back) but it just made me think about a character I have with a similar backstory who still manages (despite flaws) to be a better person. His voice was better than Carvalho’s though. My god that girl's voice... I wanted to like her singing, I tried to like her singing, but it just hurt my head. It wasn't even bad to the point it was funny, it just gave me a headache. Also she made Moana into a whiny brat. All she did was complain about wanting to get off the island that her fans claim she loves so much.

My mother got me the Moana singing doll before the film released and I am desperate to get rid of it because I cannot cope with that voice. I had a lot of Moana merch from before the film released. I've got rid of it all. To think, I never got a Vanellope doll because I didn't know if I'd like Wreck It Ralph, then I saw Wreck It Ralph and Vanellope made that film for me and I badly want a doll of her (and they also made scented Sugar Rush racers which were cool), but they don't do merch for Wreck It Ralph anymore. I'm hoping they'll release a Vanellope doll for the sequel, but I bet the sequel is awful. I'm looking forward to the princess scene, but I do not like how they are all making jokes about themselves. I'm sorry, the princesses (apart from Moana and Mulan) are great and it upsets me to see them diss themselves. I did think of you when I saw Ariel (as I always do whenever I see Ariel). Did you get excited over that? Funnily, I love the way they made Aurora look, and it's weird because I was always neutral about Aurora. I also love Merida in the Disney style, MAJOR IMPROVEMENT. She looks so cute! I just could not get over how Pixar gave her a really weird shaped head. What did you think of the other princesses? Also, the princess scene is just a gimmick to get people go and see the film. I know it'll be crap, and despite not being particularly keen on how they've changed Anna and Elsa and Rapunzel (but kept Moana the same), Elsa speaks in it and even if it's only a few lines, I need to hear Idina's voice and drool. I suppose Idina Menzel to me is like the Swedish Ariel to you. Of course, I'm not allowed to listen to Idina Menzel because the damn OCD days the fangirling is a sexual attraction but my god I love her so much and I miss having her voice to power me through each day.

Yeah I agree with you over the remakes. The changes they make really annoy me (Beauty And The Beast especially, they changed the whole film to fit in with Emma Watson (who doesn't even look like Belle and isn't even a good actress and can't even sing - the Emma Watson casting really ground my gears) and her feminist ideals. She even said that modern day Belle would be doing the vagina monologues. I'm sorry but what sort of warped idea of Belle does this woman have? I'd rather think Belle would value her privacy and not spend her life thinking about vaginas when she could be reading fairytales and adventures. I refused to watch Maleficent just because from the sounds of it, it was someone's fanfiction that by some accidental means got made into a real film. I just feel that the changes ruin the classics. And furthermore if they weren't to change things then it'd just be the same movie so.... Completely unnecessary. What upsets me is that now the live action versions will be remembered instead of the animated classics.
I'm sure they're pretty, because I did think Angelina Jolie looked great in costume (even though she wasn't green - I'm sorry but they pull off the green skin in Wicked and I know nobody will be able to look as good while green as Idina Menzel but for god's sake stop making stupid changes!)

Thing about DHS though is at least it's in a different setting! Like sure live action remakes, but what about modern day retellings or sequels instead? I mean I did love Alice In Wonderland because that felt more like a sequel than a remake, and I never rated the original anyway (neither did Walt Disney himself from what I've read). I just feel like if Disney are going to offer us two versions of the same story then which one is the 'right' one? Which one are we supposed to believe to be something that happened or could have happened? I think DHS though, you've made things different. To be honest, I struggle to see the parallels between DHS and the original films but I do like seeing the characters in a modern setting and what they'd wear and what pop culture interests they'd have. I love that Meg is a goth for example, it just so suits her. The only difference I'd have if I were doing something similar is I'd keep the magic in there, because I truly believe that magic is all around us. That's why I love writing fantasy. I'd be interested to see how you'd tell Frozen without magic though. What would Elsa's outbursts be? Like autistic meltdowns? I have read a theory that Elsa is autistic, and while I love it and the idea thrills and excites me, Elsa's too normal. Her outbursts aren't ugly enough.

I'd hope in Frozen 2 that Elsa would have an almighty autistic kick off that would make neurotypicals maybe even not like her but autistic people like me would be so... sad for Elsa but happy for the representation at the same time, because we know what it's like. I know people are clamouring for gay representation but at least that's been done before, autistic representation hasn't. (not accurately anyway, and it's always about how the poor mother struggles with her male autistic children) I mean, I did think it was pretty good representation as it was (like sensory overload leading to blasting ice everywhere at the coronation) but I've been struggling with my autism lately. Also, Elsa's parents didn't accept her for who she was, emotionally abused her for years, locked her in her bedroom, it's a reality for autistic people. I am lucky as my mother understands my difficulties.

I agree that the remakes is definitely all about money.  And I agree that people keep apologising for it. I think it is Disney trying to make money out of nostalgia. People say that the remakes are more adult but that implies that adults can't enjoy an animation! I know I'm a writer but animated films is my favourite way of storytelling. I love seeing the art, the writing, the dialogue, the actors, the music, everything come together to make something awesome.

My god though if they do this for Lilo and Stitch (there are rumours, but my film buff brother debunked them for me) then I'll just... Ugh I'll be so angry and upset I don't know what I'll do. I'll probably cry, because they'll probably change Stitch and make her ugly, look like Toothless or something (everyone says that god awful dragon thing looks like Stitch and I don't see it). And I don't mean ugly in a lookist way, I mean they'll probably make Stitch look... scary. Stitch is cute and cuddly! She's not supposed to be scary! And they'd change the story in ways that would just ruin it. And they'd never find a little girl perfect for the role of Lilo.

I've heard they're going to do a live action Peter Pan from Tinker Bell's perspective, which I hope not because I already have headcanons in place about Tinker Bell's side of the story based on information my brother told me when I was a small child. I know you'll hate this, but my only hope for this is that it reboots the Fairies franchise. I miss it so much. (Though The Secret Of The Wings was awful, they spent three films building up the franchise and then next thing they change everything and say there's a divide between warm fairies and cold fairies - bloody ridiculous and it could have easily been that Tink was so wrapped up in her own problems and that's why she never met her sister. I'm very bitter about The Secret Of The Wings, probably because it was the last film I got to see in a cinema and it was awful.) The Pirate Fairy was great though. I love Zarina. And it adds so much more to the Peter Pan story, because before Hook wanted to kill Peter Pan, he schemed to have the power of the pixie dust. I know you won't like it, but to me... I just love the fairies.

Also, another thing, because I know you love Discworld, did you know that Disney originally planned to adapt Mort? What do you think of that? I haven't read anything in a while due to chronic fatigue issues and it'd been years since I read Mort but I remember that book kept me going for a while when thoughts were really bad. All I really remember is that when I'd finished it I thought it was the best book I'd ever read. I love the reaction I would get, if they were unfamiliar with what I was talking about, and I'd just be like "I love Death!" People would just give me a really concerned look. It was going to be animated, which I can only imagine would have been awesome, just because I love animated storytelling. They gave up on the project though, I think because they didn't want to buy the rights for the whole series. I think it could have had so much potential to be epic, though I think my ideas of what would make it epic would be different to yours.
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