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Hi. I just thought how sweet it would be if Quasimodo had a framed photo of his birth mother and him as a baby. Maybe of photoboth pictures. You could have it in the background, or dedicate a whole strip to Quasi talking about hi birth mom, maybe with Esmeralda.

If you ever feel like it, you could redraw your prequel strip. Where Frollo and Gothal meet and get married, Quasi and Repunzel grow up together. It would be to see an expansion of the grocery store scene. Like how do they strike up a conversation, and react to seeing the other person's baby (Gothal's reaction to Quasimodo would have to be schooled, or they never would have made it to the parking lot).
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Hi. The talent show so fun to read. Especially the way you ended the Eric and Vanessa's relationship. I think the being-honest-with-the-unpleasant-women-in-your-life theme could be used for a Kuzco scene, where he tells Yzma what he really thinks about her. After the talent show is over and everyone is starting to go home, Kuzco brings up how Eric put off telling his Vanessa what he really thought of her; and he (Kuzco) wants to say to Yzma just now [and Yzma is sucpicious/angry since he's referring to a public break-up-disparity] how much he appreciates everything shes done for him, much to Yzma's shock. That he's gratful for her "practicly raising him" his whole life and keeping him after his parents died, and for preparing him to run his parents fashion company when he's old enough, as opposed to stealing it from him when he was too young to do anything about it. Thats, dispit his teasing, he's overall glad she's in his life. I think the Kuzco in the movie cared about Yzma too; he still wanted to have dinner with her after he fired her (undermining the Emperor's authority was a legitimate reason), and was utterly devastated when he learned about her betrayal. If he just said he still appreciated her at that dinner, the movie would have gone diffrently. Fanfiction was made for getting the characters you like to say the things you wish they could say.
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Swyngz|Hobbyist General Artist
Hi! Just wanted to say you have no idea how much I love your Disney high school comic, I remembered reading it for the first time when I was a tad bit younger <3
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I had an idea to modernize Hades defeat sorry I love your comics and ideas just come to me
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Morloth88| Digital Artist
Then share if you wish! insperation, if nothing else, is always welcome
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so after the defeat of the titan virus Hercules manages to sneak into Meg's room and get her out of there just as the police arrive to arrest Hades for his numerous crimes to destroy his brother's company including using an illegal computer virus to do it
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I just wanted to say that I LOVE the Disney High School comics!!! So in character and so funny. Just brainstorming ideas about how you could work the Frollo/Esmerelda thing without making it R-rated:

They've watched her dance. Claude says something to Gothel to the effect "She looks kind of like you, except WAAAAYYY younger" and Gothel screams "YOU THINK I LOOK OLD???? AFTER ALL I SPENT ON PLASTIC SURGERY????" and she slaps him or something.

Esmerelda has the purple scarf while she's dancing in the talent show. At the end she gives Quasi her purple scarf. Scarf goes home with the Frollo family. Claude finds it in the floor later that evening. Picks it up, says "Wow this is really soft", rubs it on his face. Gothel sees it, grabs it, says "This is from that dancer at the talent show? It's ridiculous! She has absolutely no fashion sense!" Gothel throws the scarf in the fireplace, muttering something about young people's ridiculous clothing these days.

(this one is probably my favorite) Talent show is over and kids and parents are milling around. Claude and Gothel are trying to track down Quasi, they find him talking with Esmerelda, who has the purple scarf on her head. Claude gets half a look at the scarf and it looks like there's something hidden under it. He pulls it off her head and says "Were you trying to smuggle something into the school? You can't hide from God, you thief!" E turns around and YELLS at him "STOP PLAYING WITH MY CLOTHING!!!!" and everyone turns to look at her. It gets written up as a sexual harassment incident (even though nothing really bad happened, authority prefers to err on the side of overreacting to sexual harassment claims) and Claude gets told that he can't come back to any school functions. He comments something to the effect of "See, kids, I warned you, the world is cruel. This is why we stay at home."

Anyways I love your work and I'm excited to see how you handle it :)
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