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The Wind and the Moon


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~o~ The Wind and the Moon ~o~

A few days ago I had an idea for a new painting. This is not it. Or: This is not what I had in mind when I started painting. I don't think it's my usual style either. This is more or less the result of me failing and then simply trying out different things and experimenting with new techniques. I do like it though.

Done with Photoshop Elements and ArtRage.

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that glowing moon is such a gorgeous detail :) beautiful image!

This is incredible--will it be on your redbubble site for order?

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Thanks! To be honest, I didn't think people would be interested in prints of this. :P

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Beautiful, I like the shading on the back. The combination of ribbons flying backward and the branches going forward is interesting.

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Welcome ! ^^

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Well deserved!

Hands Clapping
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It may not be your usual subject (I mostly associate you with landscapes), but I can see elements of your style in this. The colors are interesting without being garish, and the magical elements are fantastical without being jarring. I like the contrast between the flow of her hair and the ribbon, and the spikier twig-like pattern in the background. The palette is a little more muted than some of your landscapes, but it really works for this. I like it a lot, and whatever this was meant to be when you started, I think this ended up in a very good place indeed.

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Thanks for the comment! I never really considered myself a landscape painter. I know landscapes are a part of what I do, but I thought I had enough characters and weird objects to set me apart from more traditional landscape painters. =P

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I really like landscapes, so maybe that's just what I particularly pay attention to and remember. :)

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