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The Reader's Path

By MorJer
~o~ The Reader's Path ~o~

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I wanted to paint this a few days ago. I already had the sketch, but for some reason ended up doing the Red Riding Hood picture instead. This here was more carefully planned and took me a lot longer. It's definitely one of my more detailed pictures. I even worked in the titles of some of the books I used to love when I was younger.

I have another version with a small glowing fairy hovering over the path, but I was told not to use it. Sometimes I wish I was half as good at drawing characters as I am with scenery :paranoid:

Anyway, enjoy! :)


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What a marvellous concept :clap: Love it! :love:

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Any tips for making backgrounds? ^^

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Ohhh I LOVE this, must show it to my niece who is an avid reader & has been all her short 13 years of life!!

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This is really nice work!:deviantart:

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I love this artwork. So brilliant and colorful.

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sadly this art is still being stolen...I see this on FaceBook, as a member of a group has a cellphone case with this art on it. UGH.  They steal from the great artists -_-
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Yeah, I know. It's as bad as ever. This is a screenshot from AliExpress:

Ali Express
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UGH  what can ya do... SMH :pissed:
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Ah, that looks like a perfect path to take!  :reading:
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"The Path to Knowledge"

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this is absolutely beautiful! 
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My husband bought me a print of this for my birthday. It's utterly amazing! It now hangs beside the door into the 'library' (aka the spare room lined with bookcases).
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Absolutely genious😄 Beautiful painting!
Heart-und-Seoul's avatar
ah, that's brilliant XD
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YES! :squee: I absolutely LOVE THIS! :heart:w:heart:
Excellent work! :D I love the shading, the details and the imagery! Happycry revamp  So beautiful.
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KarstenStahl's avatar
Du bist deutsch! :)
MorJer's avatar
Ah, verstehe :D
KarstenStahl's avatar
Und was hältst du so von den Wahlergebnissen?
MorJer's avatar
entsprechen etwa dem, was zu erwarten war, imho
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