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The Forest Spirit


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I've been working on this for the last couple of days. I suppose it's a little closer to my usual style than the last pic I uploaded.

Hope you're enjoying the weekend!

If you're interested in prints of my work, look here:…

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Hi 👋 great work

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siempre mente nose como describirlo

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This is a breathtaking piece. 😍

Just magical, I hope you don't mind if I use this as my tablet's background, because it is absolutely perfect! Thank you for sharing!

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Of course not :)

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It's magical, wonderful ! And I prefer the version without pupils, it gives it something more "magic".

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Not quite sure if the face of the spirit is benevolent or malevolent. I think it is the eyes that lead me to doubt.

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I had painted pupils (or at least the outlines) at one point, but wasn't sure whether to keep em: Link

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More benevolent with the pupils I think. Thanks for sharing.

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"Welcome Chosen One. I see you made it in one piece. Good job, well done."

To say I was a little taken aback by the giant glowing floating head that appeared out of nowhere as I emerged from the dark path would have been understatement of the year, and yet...I felt no fear. Considering some of the horrors I had encountered in my journeys, I guess you could say it would take an awful lot at this point to genuinely terrify me, and yet, despite the feelings of overwhelming awe washing over me, I still felt calm, at peace. There was something reassuring about the face, serene and inviting, even beautiful in a way, reminding me a little bit of how I remembered my mother from the days of my youth.

"Uh, hi," I said, waving awkwardly. I hastily lowered my hand, realizing how silly it was to wave to a giant disembodied head with no hands to wave back with. "Sorry, I'm...I'm really lost. And I don't mean just lost in the woods. Did you say...did you call me 'Chosen One'?"

"Verily," she said in a voice both soft and gentle, yet commanding attention and respect. "I am the Spirit of these Great Woods. The hour has come, darkness has descended across the land and it is in these sacred sylvan shrines the Light has found refuge. Soon, it too will succumb to the darkness and decay - but not if you challenge it and overcome."

"Oh, is THAT all?" I replied scornfully then winced. "Sorry. I don't get it, what do I, a kid, have to offer?"

And then the serene beautiful face smiled gently. "In time, you will find that no matter how small and insignificant you may feel, even you could change the course of mighty rivers and eventually even move mountains. Come, we have much to discuss, little one."

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Lovely! Thank you for posting! :)

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Unbelievably beautiful and haunting :heart:

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Thank you! For the CORE thingy as well!

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