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The Artist's Dance

Done with Photoshop, ArtRage and DAZstudio
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© 2021 MorJer
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Excellent illustration of artistic progress!

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I think I`m on stage 3 =P

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The Evolution of Art? Awesome!.. Flowey-chan wants to be noticed by Frisk-senpai

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I think I got stuck at stage 2...

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Don't sell yourself short ;)

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Feature-It-Monday has selected your artwork for Feature of the Week!


I'm not even sure where to begin with praise for this outstanding artwork that encapsulates so much of a person's life through the different phases of skill as a person ages from child to grown-up.

Don't sell yourself short with regards to not thinking that The Artist's Dance would sell well. Often the art that speaks the most truth, is one that we think may not do well.

The smile this wonderful artwork generated within me when first viewing this piece, makes for a nice remembrance of childhood and what if felt like to not have a care in the world :heart:

Thank you for sharing with us :hug:

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Thank you! I still don't think it would sell well though. Not on DA anyway. The introduction of DA's new algorithm has basically led to a 85% drop in views and favs for me. I have no idea who my work is being shown to, but whoever it is doesn't seem to like what I'm doing :hmm:|

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You're welcome! :)

85% drop, that's such a shame! :no:

I've noticed since the revamp of the DA website that some things have become worse and some things are better, but for myself the journals have become a pain to work with now. Especially for the group that I run; I have to mess around with them so much, where pre-revamp they were never an issue and worked as they were meant too.

Your work is still reaching people that appreciate the beauty of your art :)

I've noticed across all of the artist interviews that I have done for Feature It Monday since the Spring, that there hasn't been the response that I was hoping for: there are plenty of views showing up as statistics, though barely any comments and this differs so much from just a few years ago, when a journal entry FIM posted would have had alot of comments/fav's, especially on a featured artist interview.

Change unfortunately, does not mean something is better.

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I've seen lots of complaints about the journal editor. And DA changed the view counter last December (Link). If someone scrolls past an image or post, that now counts as a view, so the numbers are a lot higher than they used to be and at the same time don't really give you any valuable information. The view counter basically tells you how many people the algorithm chose to show your deviation to, but there's no way of knowing whether the algorithm is actually targeting the right people and whether they are actually viewing the deviation rather than just passing by. :shrug: rvmp

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The journal editor has got ridiculous to the point that I can't even make a "saved" feature in the journal before publication.

I have to build a "live" edited journal on the FIM group page and keep checking to see it has gone through okay, because a featured journal with 24 artwork thumbnails won't publish in one go anymore. I remember a time when I could put about 50+ thumbnails on a journal before all the changes with no problem.

I don't see the algorithms and such anymore. I used to purchase membership on DA before they went to subscription renewal, which is something I wasn't wanting to do. I liked the choice of a one-off 3 or 12 month purchase and that was it.

And don't get me started on being a group admin and I have a request limit of 10 artworks per day to ask an artist if they would like to submit their art to FIM...a limit of 10 artworks on an art site :no: -- on a daily average I'll see 20 to 30 artworks I'd like to request for the group.

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A great concept, as always brilliantly executed.

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Would you consider making this a print? I facilitate a library's art/maker space and I would love to have this on my wall!

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I doubt this would sell well and I don't like uploading pictures without a watermark/address to DA, but I can send you a hi-res file so you can have a print made for yourself. :)

LissaMonster's avatar

Would you?! That would be **AWESOME** :)

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really original and cool and fun :) makes me smile!!

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it's a very nice progression

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It looks like an evolution.

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It's the different stages of children's drawings up to the most realistic, so yes, I suppose you could call it an evolution ;)

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