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~o~ Nightmare ~o~

Full view please

This doesn't really fit the season. Sorry about that :D

I came up with the idea last night. The picture makes more sense if you know one of my older pics called "dreaming", so take a look if you haven't seen it yet ;)

Back when I was working on my Magic Gateway series I painted the dark version first and then had to create a lighter version. This time around I challenged myself to turn a light, happy picture into a gloomy, frightening one. It was definitely fun to do...^^ And on a side note: This is probably my darkest picture so far. Not sure whether that's a good sign... :P

Thanks for looking,
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I'm so in love with the dark version.  Please, please, please make it available as a print. :)
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I tried printing this once, but the contrasts were horrible. It was just one big black surface gobbling up all the details. :(
That's a shame, these two were my favourite pieces :heartbreaker:
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Heart  cool set with the other pic!!
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Creepy and dark I love it.
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Damn right full view. This is beautifully spooky and wicked-looking!
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Creepy as hell, great artwork man.
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wow acid trip it wude suck to wake up there...
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Love this! Even for a nightmare its beautiful^___^
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This is a perfect contrast to a sweet, light picture.
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I love it. Like how the sign say its just a nightmare! This is awsome Good job!
I love your pics. they're great
Hmmm. for some strange reason this reminds me of a little game called Eversion. It starts out bright and happy and gets progressively darker
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wow.... im just .... so in love with this art....
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What are you talking about? It looks very awesome. I had a nightmare, similar to this artwork actually. Well, except it involved with a swamp monster. How weird is that?
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very weird indeed^^
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This is extremely dope! Keep it up, great job!
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This is fantastic! I love it!
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