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Magic Gateway

~o~ Magic Gateway ~o~

This was really easy and fast to paint, mostly because I recycled most of the background from one of my older pics:…

At first all I did was play around with different color scemes, then added some stuff here and there and just kept on painting until it looked like this. I wanted to make it look kind of dreamy. I'll probably fool around with it some more some other time.

If you're interested in seeing the opposite side of the gateway, then click here: :thumb122170619: ;)

Full view please!

Jerry :)

Edit Jan2012: This is now available as a desktop wallpaper:…
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This isn't going to be much of a critique I suppose. I see nothing that needs tweaking or changing.
What I do want to say is that I appreciate how you put realism into such surrealism. The flames, her hair, the grass, the's all moving with the wind in the same direction. The depth is wonderful as well and the coloring... it's just so soothing to me.
The detail you've accomplished is phenomenal and really I've rarely seen anything like your work ever. You know I'm an enormous fan, but it's because of the effort that you put into each piece.
Some of the details I noticed to be exquisite is the fire light on the grass, her shadow stretched as it would be coming from a dark place into light and the old weathered marks on the stones creating the arch.

Jerry...You continue to amaze!
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You're right; It's not much of a critique :D

Thank you so much for those kind words. The little things are what I enjoy painting most and it's nice to know other people enjoy them too.
There's always room for improvement though and I'm not sure whether I really deserve full five stars, but thank you again :hug:
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The imagination of a child. Oh, the dreams we could have if we had the same kind of wonder!
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I really, really do love this.
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This, my friend, is beautiful.
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I find this image very interesting as a little girl I used to picture something very similar in my head.
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i'm writing a story right now, and i must say that this picture gave me a great idea for my own magic world!

thank you jerry8448!
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Love this one too. The place I bought my prints from had both this one and "The Gateway"; I preferred this one because of the additional contrast -- and because the addition of the girl adds a story element to it. I love that you've also done the reverse image, "Two Sides to Every Story" -- and if they had had *that* in the shop, I'd *so* be looking for somewhere to hang them both on opposite sides of the same wall... :-)
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I recently found this piece and i must say its so mystical and magical you just want to hop in and explore. :D I just now noticed the reverse side. Great art, wished i could make something so spectacular. i am pretty much just an imvu art person right now but art like this makes me want to learn as much as possible. Thanks for the inspiration.
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My pleasure! Thank you :)
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this flames are magical.. and, indeed, this works are each awesome, amasing concept! :D
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you're welcome :)
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This is really elegant and eye-catching. I love it, it's so inspiring to me :D

magic here: [link]
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can i use this picture on my page? of course ill credit you
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Sure. Just don't use for photomanipulations, please.
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wasnt planning on it =) its beutiful the way it is
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hello :D. I would just like to say that i absolutely love this picture! I can definitely say that you are my favorite artist :). I love your style so much [link]
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I love this image :)

Can I use it as a preview image for a little text I wrote ?
Of course, I'll credit you :p
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sure, no problem
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Many thanks to you !
It's here : [link]
I credited you, as I said ;)
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