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Looking for Magical Wonders

~o~ Looking for Magical Wonders ~o~

Full view please!

This is a painting I've been working on during the last weeks. It's from a collaboration with :iconwolfke74:, who brought in some interesting ideas I certainly wouldn't have thought of on my own.
A collaboration-painting is something I've been wanting to do for quite some while now and it worked out nicely as we both share an interest in bright colors and fantasy scenes. We took turns in adding PS-layers until the picture was done.

The title btw is part of a poem/story she wrote while we were trying to come up with a scene to paint. "In the land of magic, there is a wondering soul looking for magical wonders in the sky and on the earth. She wonders off and steps into a Faery circle where she sees faeries dancing around her. [...]"

If you fav this, it would be great if you could fav it on her site as well: [link]

Done entirely with Photoshop 7.

Jerry :)
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I am in LOOOVE with this!!!!
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Looks like a dream. =) Very well done, especially with the lighting and all. I especially like the glowing lilypads on the ground in the little clearing.
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so beautiful *raves* die gesammte erscheinung ist richtig toll geworden. die farben o.O
ich weiß nicht was ich sagen soll...

ich weiß jetzt, favo!!! *lächel*
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Hätte ich das Bild alleine gemalt wäre es vermutlich ganz anders geworden.^^ War eine Co-Produktion mit einer anderen dA-Künstlerin.
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I really love this photo...idk guys how u can do it with just clicking and pulling your mouse...i tried to do dig. art but almost broke my arm trying to do it xD..anyways this is so excellent work...nice keep it up :)
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Lol. It's almost impossible to do with only a mouse. You need a grafic tablet ;)
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whell can u explain me more in private message i would appreciate it...also if u have some tutorials i would love to watch thm :)...explain me what is tht graphic tablet if u can plz.. Ty
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A graphic tablet is like a digital pen that replaces your mouse: [link]
And all the tutorials I have are here: [link] ;)
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oh whell...i dont have it in my country to buy it -.- but i will try to look for something similar...tell me how much u paid it?
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Mine was about 50 Euros. Most are more expensive though
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yeah i looked a little but how can u draw on such small screen?
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It's not a screen, but just a flat piece of plastic that detects the movement of the pen and transports it to your actual PC screen.
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I wouldn't mind stumbling upon that scene! :D
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Hey love! Your work has been featured here: [link]
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Das Bild ist wirklich sehr schön! =) Mir gefällt die Atmosphäre sehr gut ^^
Ich finde es echt super, wie du das Licht eingesetzt hast. Dieses kalte, bläuliche gibt der Szene etwas wirklich mystisches! =)
Ihr solltet häufiger zusammenarbeiten, wenn ihr dann immer so gute Ideen habt! :D
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That's really beautiful.
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I have featured this beautiful art here [link]

If you would like it removed please let me know.
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