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Halloween Hill

~o~ Halloween Hill ~o~

Haven't done a Halloween painting in years. Not really sure why I stopped.

Just eleven more days... :)
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This picture 100% conveys the atmosphere of Halloween.

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Happy Halloween! Looks super spoopy! You have a nice painting hand here.
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:+fav: #380  That owl is just perfect!
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Oooo I totally like!!! 

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"In a place where few dare to tread, lies a valley where the light rarely shines upon the grass. It is a valley that is permanently encased in a mist that hides the shadows that crawl within. In the middle of this dark place stands a lonely hill that sits above the shroud. On top of this lonely hill is an old tree with no leafs on its branches.
The tree looks as if it lived its centuries and is simply waiting to fall down at the first strong breeze, but do not be fooled, for it ain't no ordinary tree, but an ancient. It is a spirit that resides within a wooden trunk that dominates the top of the hill. It has lived longer than any could remember and has seen more than 
any could dare. It is a being that is both revered and feared, for he knows all there is about the underworld and about the creatures that roam the dark. All know him and as 'Old Bark'.
The vast knowledge that he possesses is sought by many but few ever manage to stand face to face with him, as the valley, that is his home, is not one that any foolish creature can tread. It is encased in a shroud of obscurity that prevents any from finding it. Should you still desire to seek him, you shall do so during the time that the humans call "Halloween", for it is during this period, when the barriers between worlds are at its thinnest, that the shroud will allow passage. Brave the mist that guards the valley, tread with confidence on its hidden path, beware of its lurking shadows and follow the Jack-o'-Lanterns that stand watch over the way to the ancient tree. You shall find Old Bark sitting in the same place as he had for so many years. Fear not of approaching him as he is always glad to have visitors. As you approach you shall hear his deep low chuckle, echoing through the dense fog as he senses your presence.
Animated by the dark vitality that always precedes this all so special period, Old Bark will welcome you the gloomy hill where he sits along with the many pumpkin lanterns: 'Welcome to Halloween Hill, mortal! What thirst has brought you to seek my vast knowledge?"

You may safely approach the ancient. Ask him any question and inquire about any subject or creature, but be warned: his wisdom comes with a price."
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Good morning, WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Halloween Hill!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 
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WOW this is one of the best Halloween images I seen this year. I absolutely love the great feeling of this art
Happy Halloween S by AStoKo
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Fantastic! Love it! [Emote] Jack-'o-Lantern Fanged Evil Smile 
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Thank you! 
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*In love by the tree*

Wonderful work, Jerry, love it!! :clap:
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