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~o~ Alice ~o~

This is a fan art to the game "Alice - Madness Returns", the sequel to American McGees Alice. More or less anyway.
I haven't actually played the game, though I still intend to do so. Apart from that I don't usually like painting fan art, but the game's over-all art design was just too damn good to pass by. I kept watching the trailers and reviews just because of the gorgeous landscapes and whacky creatures.
I've always liked Alice in Wonderland and this gloomy, twisted version looks even cooler. ;)

As usual you'll find a steps-picture in my scraps section:

I used a screenshot as reference for the pose.

Enjoy ;)


Alice: Madness Returns (c) Electronic Arts
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I played this games. Graphics very good. But very sad, trilled. Music and story like some kind of long depressive lifestyle, similar hostage of gopniks.
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Amazing work with the coloring. I loved the environment designs in AMR. :)
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only a very few find the way and most of them don't recognise it when they do.
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No surprise really.
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But I don't want to go among mad people!
Oh, you can't help that...we're all mad here.
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I found it oh me gosh!

So I saw your art when I was listen to Nightcore on youtube.

I don't have the link but it was "Nightcore- Alice Human Scarifice by NightcorexForever"

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Not exactly my type of music ;)
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I love how you draw this <3
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The landscape is wicked cool.
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Reminds me of tha cover 4 Actraiser 2!…
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Gives a real 'Lovecraft Mythos' kind of vibe.
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I love this game, though I must say it was one of the creepiest games I've ever played.  Great art though
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i am very interested in using your art for my jewelry on etsy. My shop is growing very quickly. Each listing containing your art will have a link to your website. You will recieve a $2 commission for every necklace that is sold along with exposure. If you're interested in this offer please message me, Thank you
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I don't have time for commissions, so you'd have to work with the pictures I already have. If that's fine for you, then sure, we can work together.
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This is by far my most favourite game and you pulled off this work of art spectacularly. I just set it as my background wallpaper. The greatest part of this piece is the floating heart gates. But everything ties in graciously. Lovely job : }
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This is beautiful work. It looks like Alice is bending reality and imposing Wonderland on the area around her, with the real-world city in the distance being converted more slowly because it's so far away, like it stands on the edge of her influence. Everything close by is eccentric and twisted, which I find rather warm and cozy, while everything in the distance is industrial and artificial, cold and empty inside. But, that may just be me. I prefer my delusions over reality as well. People there are much nicer and so friendly. 

By the way, anyone ever consider the idea that Alice's Wonderland wasn't just in her mind, but part of a much larger world of fairytales, like Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk (the old Brother's Grimm versions, not the vomit-inducing Disney crap). Would be a nice crossover story to paint, where Alice can exist in both worlds at once or move between them and bring parts of one world around her into the other, like she's some kind of goddess of the world of fantasy. I'm tinkering with it, collecting all the characters who would be involved, but not all the parts are moving. If anyone would like to help, have some tea and share your thoughts. I'll be happy to nibble on them. 
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Thanks. :) I like the darker story of American McGees Alice, in which she's trying to cope with the serious problems around her and "escapes" into her fantasy. It seems to fit the twisted world better. I really enjoyed playing the game.
I like your thoughts, but putting them together sounds like a challenge.
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Speaking seriously, it is. It really is. I got a good start from Bleedman's Everafter Asylum in giving me characters and, splitting from there, diving them into heroes and villains, and giving idea for what they could do, but blending them all together is very difficult. Yet I'm getting some very interesting dynamics. 

For example, take the character Pinocchio, the puppet who turned into a boy. In the story, he's only human when near his wishing star, otherwise he's a wooden puppet. When he's human, he can talk to trees and plants and has all the benefits of being human, yet he's physically very weak compared to everyone else, being quite literally 'willow' thin. When he's a puppet, though, he can't be killed, unless you burn him into ash, as his wooden body just mends the damage, he can disassemble and reattach his parts, and actively lying causes him to grow (my favorite line I make him say is: 'Don't Worry. I'm not going to kill you.'). But here's the thing about Chio; if anything ever happens to his wishing star, which is just a wooden star painted yellow with a screw in it, he's gone forever. So, he'd want to be near it; but when he's near it, he's practically helpless, so he wants to be a puppet so he can protect himself and his friends. And yet again, he's in love with Goldilocks, who he gave his star to as a gift to show his feelings, which is a relationship he can only enjoy when he's in human form, as otherwise he can't feel the softness of her skin and warmth of her embrace. This causes a big conflict in Chio, where to be with her, it means he can't protect her, which he has to, but in order to protect her, he can't be near her. It's a really serious aspect of the story. Oh, and Chio and Goldie? They aren't even primary characters; they're secondary ones. 

So, yes, VERY difficult, but VERY interesting as well. It's one of my stories that I love working on, even if I get frustrated going through a hundred ideas a day and throwing them all out. It's so fun finding how everyone works together and the situations they have to handle. It's far from a sunshine-and-rainbows type of story, but it does have its happy and cheerful, and sometimes even playful, moments, like the reunion between Red Riding Hood and Jack Giantslayer (somehow, this is the only point in my entire story where Red actually has dialog, and it's just one word, followed by a giggle. A GIGGLE!! If you saw how I'm writing her, you'd be stunned that I'm breaking her muteness for a damn giggle.) 

I love it...but so frustrating sometimes. 
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