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Journey to Lusticia Demo 0.4 (reuploaded at 29-04)


-Invisible wall in the Ruins has been removed;
-Added Bruma's reward cutscene in the inn. It is available if the naked Ora returns from the forest to the North Shore village. And meets Bruma;
-Fixed some dialogues;
-Changed location of ruins.)

(02-05-2020 0:06 - FINAL UPDATE. Wait for full version of game. All future fixes and reworks will be there too!

-Removed impassable cracks in ruins;
-Renamed Shaya's class;
-Changed ruins location on the island map;
-Added Cave Dweller to the ruins;)

Now it's finally ready to be uploaded.

I can tell that there is solved pair of problems that were mentioned at the status update for now.

Here is full change log:

-added Skill Learn System (made by Yanfly);
-added Roll Credits and "Credits" button in the main menu (made by GALV);
-added Quest Journal (made by Yanfly);
-added Sell-only Shop (made by SumRndmDde);
-added Monster Diary (made by Mr. Trivel);

-Added at least three quests (some of them, like Bruma's invitation, will be finished later);
-Added at least 10 new locations;
-Added objects that work only if you face them with a specific side;
-Added Gray district in Ashengard (where you can only to talk to pair of NPCs);
-Added many custom and recolored sprites;

-Changed script that checks outfit on Ora and her companions. If you take off clothes from Ora and try to talk with someone, you can get unusual results (there are no bad endings);
-Rewritten some dialogues;
-Reworked Red Lantern district at Ashengard.

Download links:……

Enjoy and feel free to comment.

My Discord server:
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i have recently tried this demo, and only played as fare as starting the "Dream" quest and done the side quest to recruit "Diana", but i have noticed several potential problems or imbalances that meit have been fixed sins this ware posted almost an year ago...

they are as follow:

1: you CAN'T revive party members whitout having to ether have an "Stimulant" costing 500 COP or paying the Priest an incresing price fore the more party members you have whit you even through the other two are fuly healed and fum mana, i tryed both bathing and sleeping but non of them helped in reviving party members.

2: the "First Aid" skill cost ALOT of mana and berely heal anyting fore the cost of mana used, making "Double Strick" an MORE cost efisient way to prevent geting damaged a bether way of playing righter then beng able to heal the damage taken from enemies.

3: the "Heling" spell sems to heal just as mutch as the "First Aid" Spell and cost abbot the same to use, and fore some reason can be lerned at level 3 even through it say you need level 4.

4the tunel exsiting the "Bee Cave" leads to the exit of the ruins where Ora ware fond in the prologue.

5: the Bees can poison you whit both there normal attack's and there spesials making it hard to keep up agenst there relentless poisonings and meit be a bit mutch when the status is almost unpreventable fore the entier party as fare as i can see, and they are also HARD to hit and can sometimes be missed like 5-7 times in a row, and you usualy miss atlist 3 times evry fight or so, that makes them quiet deadly early on.

6: the bed in your home say you need "ALIST 2 party members" to rest, but if you have 3 partymembers you can't sleep, i tink you ment to write that you Can't sleep whit "MORE then 2 party members" in your home...

7: the "Healing Shell" sems a bit week healing vise considering the Mana cost to cast AND it prevents your party from acting but enemies out damage the healing effect, maby add some king of Damage mitigation\resistance wile affected by the "Healing Shell" considering the enemies have to "Penetrate" the shell to do damage wile it is in effect?

8: not to be mean or ill spirited but you meit have to rewrite some of the dialogue in the game sins it kind of get confusing of what the characters actually mean when they talk it ofthen sound like they are contredicting them self or etch other making it a bit hard to follow the plot...

hope this can be of some help and good luck whit your games, will be lokking forward to what you meit try nexst, have an hopefully good day forward.

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Thank you for such feedback. It's a rare case for me. I very appreciate it:

1: I'll think about adding more ways to revive. Bathing supposed to cleanse all negative states from the characters. But sadly I found no better use for this feature. Resting here is only restore alive members. So, the only way to revive fallen characters in this build is only Stimulant items and priest in the temple.

I'll decrease the temple cost in the next build;

2-3: It seems that I need to rebalance the skills. Double Strike is the main damage dealing skill for now. Perhaps I should change some skills parameters.

The First Aid is supposed to be upgraded version of Healing: it not only heals, but remove some negative states. I think that I need to buff it because it requires more level than just healing;

4: Yeah, I messed with teleportation points. Thank you for reporting about this bug;

5: Bees will be nerfed. They'll lose this Poison on-hit ability.

I understand that enemies which causes negative states (ex. Poison, Blind, Cocoon) on-hit are too much for the beginning of the game;

6: Thanks for response. I'll fix it. The idea here is that only 1-2 characters can rest on the bed;

7: I think that I'll add some Armor to the "Healing Shell" state. The main feature of this cocoon is to be a regenerative shell which heals more HP than deals damage;

8: I know. I'm trying to rewrite the dialogs. For now, I writing more of them, to finish the quests in the game.

So can you go the island in this version of the game yet?

Can the bees and some of the other enemies have special attacks?

It would be nice to have some more bondage enemies in game imo.

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In this build elves have special attack.

Are you planned to finishing Nima's Quest?

Morizel's avatar

It's frozen due graphics problems. Now my first prior is Lusticia which is far complex than Nima's Quest.

Aww, that's sad to hear 😕. I hope you can finish it someday

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So, how many enemies with bondage attacks are in the game right now? I've only found cursed elves and spiders (and honey/heal shell counts too I guess). Ingame files have more sprites - are they not in use or did I miss some enemies? Very fun game, looking forward to more stuff.

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Only elves and spiders. Mummy sprites and tied ones are for quests.

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Is there a walkthrough? I am stuck on how to save Kurt.

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The game has no walkthrough. So, I can only write this one:

1)Enter the village near the town and talk to the old man there;

2)After that talk to the guard, he will bring you to the forest;

3)There find the way to open the dungeon nearby;

4)In dungeon move right, then go further;

5)This stage depends on battle. But anyway, after this fight you need to go back to the town and talk to the captain.

leiffaulkland's avatar

Thank you. I did all that already, and unfortunately forgot what the captain said.

It is the next part where I am stuck. I found the tome and put it on the pillar. The dragon says it doesn't know me. Is there more to that dungeon?

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I'm sorry, but that's all in this demo.

Dragon will say otherwise only if Ora has specific skill. To get it you must... lose the fight against elf in the dungeon. Only then she learns that skill.

leiffaulkland's avatar

Thank you for your patience in answering my questions and for making this game!

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It's high time I finally played this one...

i have a question sir. do u only made cocoon, not bondage/latex/rope?

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Cocoons made by Dramatic Lightning.

I just recolor them.

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Чем больше появляется Сюжета,тем больше Игра затягивает в Интерес.
Жду Продолжения Сюжета.

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Hmm in the spider cave where you need to find Kurt, there is an invisible wall and I can't go pass to proceed to the exit, so I can't continue with the mission. Other than that, great update!
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Okay, I got it.

Reap091093's avatar
I replay and get back to the spider cave and still can't get pass the invisible wall. Is there something I miss?
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For clarity, I need a screenshot and some commentary.
To get back to "Maiden Grove" (forest location with stairs to cave) you must talk to guard man in the village.
If you mean that player is cannot get out from spider cave, then I need to clarify it. Because I can't understand what to fix.
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