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Bondmaster 0.55 release

(at least, can be count as demo version! Though it STILL requires an RTP)

-added Quest Journal. Because it, you better to start game anew;
-reworked prologue;
-added quests, which moving storyline forward;
-Nima learned some new skills;
-Elder in Forest Village sell you more potions;
-Males appears in Forest Village;
-now you can return to map through the Great Web! However, this version ends after cutscene in the Celeste's House.

Download it here:…


Game author - Morizel

Witches sprites and facesets author - Tabi no Yadokari
Other sprites authors -, aweryn, Polyedit2000, Pineda
Tilesets (angel statues in prologue) authors - PandaMaru
Battlers authors - Ravenclaw105
Recolored RTP Battlers authors - Morizel
Script authors - Polyedit2000, Galv, Hime, regendo/bStefan, MephistoX, V.M., modern algebra.

Music authors:
Map, Crush, Prowler, Puzzle 6, Mystic - Marc Gravelle (made for "Vinyl Goddess from Mars" video game),
Ominous - Dan Froelich (made for "Jill of the Jungle" video game).

I will be pleased by any feedback. If you found a bug, comment here.
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44jackson's avatar
this game is keyboard-killer :( my enter broken :(

ps: stuck here. Nothing can do, i must close game and restart. And this area need savepoint easily. everytime die (by spider or dark knight, i must begin again from when enter to villiage :v
Bugggggggggggggggggg by medassin
Morizel's avatar
I'm very sorry for button.
You might want ot use Z instead of Enter.
I will move the savepoint to house. Because it is generally on a different location. To get there, you have to turn right without entering the village.
how much far in this demo? where the the gameplay end?
Morizel's avatar
Gameplay ends after bringing Anora to Celeste's home.
Where is the ore? No matter how I look, I can not find it. On Kavala's mission 
Morizel's avatar
In Kamala's hut in forest. Also, Nima will say, where they are!
A cabin in the woods? I went in and got three things on the right, and there was no change in conversation. Did you have something to do?
Morizel's avatar
Maybe you played old version, where this thing wasn't fixed?
No, version 0.55 was right.
Morizel's avatar
Okay, i will fix it.
Morizel's avatar
Well, i will see.
Hi!I wants to know where can i fight with Marikar?
Morizel's avatar
Well, fight "player vs Marikar" will be in next version.
There you only meet with her. She avoids the combat, sending skeletons and guardsman against you.
I see.And where can i mewt her?
Morizel's avatar
Fight with Marikar will be in next version.
Here, in 0.55, she is unavailable. This version ends after bringing Anora to Celeste's house in BV.
Oh i see.Thanks a lot
TheGreatRandom127's avatar
Hello! This is a great game, it have potential. ^^ I have a question: what should i do after fight with Marikar?
Morizel's avatar
After fight go back to Celeste's house. And then it's end of this version.
Makeupandtieup2's avatar
Mummified? Care to show a damsel mummified? Particularly one with lipstick and/or red hair?
Morizel's avatar
Yes, there is some mummified and cocooned girls.
In prologue you can find a girl with red hair.
Makeupandtieup2's avatar
Tell not show, huh? Thanks anyway. I would play the game, but I don't want to risk breaking my computer. It's not you, it's me.
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