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wonder woman painting

wonder woman acrylics
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i love your style! i really like the textures you put in on the metal parts of the costume and also the textures of the background (clouds)! looks awesome!
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Gorgeous painting!
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Beautiful painting!
This pic is so awesome!!!! It really seems to sum up the reasons why I love wonder woman! I am uber happy!!!
beatingblackheart's avatar
great painting! shame is a dc :P ... my fave comic book character has to be logan/woverine. and im much more a marvel fan! i think u should do a Blade painting, hes very much ur style :D
syxx's avatar
Very impressive!! Shes so lifelike and as though she going to appear from the paper. I really like your choice of background too, so strnog and emotive!
Beautiful work :bow:
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thanks. thanks alot for the encouragment.
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You are so very welcome :thumbsup:
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i like it but the portiones are crazy off but then maybe thats how it is supposed to be so cools anyway~!
UnderdevelopedEd's avatar
Great composition...amazing contrast as well
exell's avatar
wicked job mate :) i kinda prefer this one to the digi one,reminds me of the style used in Kindom Come,which is like the best ever comic i have ever seen or read ,for artwork quality :)

real nice man and good to see more wonderwoman stuff,she a cool character :)
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Its still the kewl figure from your line drawing and digital colour work... but this one kinda falls behind in my appreciation of the series... It doesn't come out at me like the digital piece nor does it pull my eye like the lines did... She feels a bit more super-imposed than the sense of a captured scene shot like the digital one had. Still, its a pretty nice image series... :thumbsup: =)
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You're absolutely right and my hat goes off you you for doing all the variations... I know I wouldn't feel up to it.

You did a great job on all of em! ^^;
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Hey it's easier to pop open photoshop than crackin' open the tubes of paint. I ( and alot of people) agree the digital one is a little more pleasing to the eye.
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Awesome Wonder Woman!
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wow u gotta be freaking insane to draw something like that.. but then again we are all alittle crazy inside
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I like the acrylics version the most, keep rocking moritat!
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Awesome, as usual. What's next???? ;)
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GREAT !! Amazing work ;)
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beautiful. reminds me of dan brereton.
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Whoa, Dan might get mad. hahaha
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