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U.S.S. Europa (NCC-1648)


Design by John Eaves
Model by Cryptic
Render & Postwork by Kurumi Morishita

Tools: GAOMON M106K,, Paint Shop Pro, STO, STODemoLauncher

Updated: 2019/02/21
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So is this... Like a dummy thicc Miranda class?

I love it
MorishitaKurumi's avatar
Yep... kinda! :D (Big Grin) Vulcan 
When I first saw this ship over a year ago, I didn't get what she was meant to do... only now that I have seen more of her and her aesthetic... she's growing on me.
Sir, you make this ship look sexy.
MorishitaKurumi's avatar
Hehe... I'm a Miss, but thank you very much nonetheless!!! :)
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Nice aesthetic, if totally impractical. A raised bridge? Why not paint a bright bulls-eye or place a sign saying "Shoot me here" while they're at it?
What makes complete sense on a 20th/21st century sea-going vessel (superior elevation at sea is always advantageous; that's why old-time sailing ships had a crows's nest on the tallest mast) makes none at all in a ship traveling at FTL through space - even without the possibility of encountering trigger-happy Klingons and the like. In reality, the most sensible place to place the bridge in s starship would be in the deepest recesses possible - especially as they have viewscreens rather than windows anyway. And the most sensible shape for a ship to take would probably be a sphere... aside from the warp nacelles i suppose.
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I love this pic but do you have one without the black line on top and bottom.
I wanna use this as my wallpaper,
MorishitaKurumi's avatar
Thanks a lot!!! I've uploaded a version without the frame here: CLICK :) (Smile) Vulcan 
majorchaos's avatar
Thanks I love it.
MorishitaKurumi's avatar
My pleasure & thank YOU!!! Shy 
majorchaos's avatar
Any chance you could do the same with  U.S.S. Komagatake (NCC-91637)

MorishitaKurumi's avatar
Yup, I did... CLICK *^_^*Vulcan 
majorchaos's avatar
Thank s again . I love your stuff , just not the black border you use. It don't work with my desk top.
MorishitaKurumi's avatar
Hehe... thank YOU!!! *^_^*Vulcan
Feel always free to ask for more... could often take a bit of time until I reply, but I will.
Nhlaqgor's avatar
From all discovery designs i've seen this is this one is still the most tolerable.
(but still kinda :yuck:  )
Conn1321's avatar
Likely one of the best ship designs from Discovery. Great shot 
MorishitaKurumi's avatar
Thank you!!! *^_^* - I've to admit that it has grown strongly on me over the past few days and even though I still prefer the Crossfield & the Sheppard it definitely is the number 3 now among my fed favs.
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Not a fan of Star Trek, but this ship is just sexy.
Colourbrand's avatar
The Europa looks sterling in this shot!! Superb work kiddo! Superb!!

More please :)
MorishitaKurumi's avatar
Hehe - many thanks again & yup, there will be more... a lot. *^_^*
AngelisGoodwen's avatar
Okay, I absolutely love this ship!!!!
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