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Suddenly Human

Dear Mr. Hashimoto,

Stage 3 of the experiment was initialized during イブ's last resting cycle.
We will test the m-chip during the coming week, before switching to the
final stage and hope the new e-chip will arrive on time.

Dr. Kim West


The eigth piece of a series that works as collection of ideas & concepts for a story project I'm preparing.

List of artworks & photos used in the creation of this piece that are also available in my gallery:

Tools: DAZ Studio, GAOMON M10K2018,, Paint Shop Pro

Use the Download button for best image quality.

None of my works may be used, claimed, re-posted, copied, traced, referenced, published or edited without my written permission.
Under NO circumstances may any of my works be used for NFTs.

Updated: 2021/08/16 - Added a list of artworks & photos used in the creation of this piece that are also available in my gallery.
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Great picture😊

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Love the cat in the background, nice touch - Well done

This is beautiful! Thank you so much.

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What is the story for this? Anyway I could find out more about it?

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So far, the whole "Stillborn City" story project is (as mentioned in the description) still in an early stage of development. There are little bits of lore and info in the description of most pieces in the "Stillborn City" folder and people that follow my Twitter get a few extra bits (every once in a while). Once this leaves the concept stage, I certainly will make a bigger announcement here and there certainly also will be a Wiki (or something similar) sooner or later. *^_^*

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good job bro


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Ah, but no 'bro'... I'm a girl. *^_^*

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In Mass Effect 3 if you went for the Synthesis ending, EDI came to life. She realizes it when she hugs Joker and sees the morning for the first time as a living person. That little hug she gave him was priceless.
This reminds of that moment.
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Thanks a lot for your comment - I remember that scene and think it was really such a great moment!

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Also love how she has your artwork on the wall! Girl you’re a genius!

Exceptional work! Exactly what I needed for my ultra-wide monitor. Please create more art with the same theme, for example, the same robot+cat at another location within the same building (spaceship?). For example, at a room with missiles, or a control centre, or even the engine room. Thank you for your work!

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Thank you very much for your kind comments - more art in the same style (and incl. the chars) are definitely planned for 2021+ as they're going to be be part of a story I'm writing.

Spectacular and grateful for your creativity

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My team is creating an Neon Noir Blade Runneresque Adults Only Cyberpunk Action RPG for PC. It’s not a porn game but has adult situations uncensored. We’re early in production but looking for an artist to conceptualize an idea with our Creative Director and then finalize one piece of cover art for us. We’re a very small indie team creating this project in our free time for the love of Cyberpunk and Censorship Free Gaming, but we do have a small Patreon and would love to discuss how much you generally charge for a piece like this.
If it’s something we can afford and you have the time to commit, feel free to check out our first DEV VLOG and you can Email me a quote at (Leave a link to your Deviant Profile)
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Thank you so much for your inquiry - sadly I don't do commissions yet, but plan to offer them at some point in 2021. If it's not too late for you then, I certainly will keep you in mind.

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