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Last Dance (Tony Stark x Reader)
    You always take for granted what you have until it’s gone.The doctors told me that in three months, I would completely lose the use of my legs. It hit me in that moment all the things I had taken for granted. All the things I would never be able to do. I would never be able to swim in the ocean with the team,or race Thor to the kitchen to get the last poptart. Tears started trickling down my cheeks and dripped onto the flimsy paper gown.
     I would never be able to dance around with Tony on our floor at 3 am to AC/DC, until we both became flushed and so out of breath we would curl up on the couch and fall asleep. My head fell forward and I gripped the table underneath me as a sob wracked my body. I stood on shaky legs and pulled my clothes on. I had just finished zipping up my boot when Tony strode in.
    “So babe, how did everything g-(Y/N)?” I swiped at the tears still making tracks down my cheeks an
:iconmorikoigarashi:MorikoIgarashi 14 1
Hands by MorikoIgarashi Hands :iconmorikoigarashi:MorikoIgarashi 1 0 Doodle of Moriko by MorikoIgarashi Doodle of Moriko :iconmorikoigarashi:MorikoIgarashi 1 0
{DGM OC} Cecile Bellerose {Updated Bio}
| Personal Information
B a s i c s ;
Name: Cecile Bellerose {se.sil}
Nickname(s): Cece, ma belle (Grandmother; Meaning "my beautiful one.")
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: October 24th, 18XX
Nationality: French
Blood Type: B+
Zodiac: Pisces
:iconmorikoigarashi:MorikoIgarashi 3 9
Child Moriko by MorikoIgarashi Child Moriko :iconmorikoigarashi:MorikoIgarashi 4 5
Midnight Dances {Loki x Reader }
             Loki x Reader 
          Midnight Dances
 AN: This is a contest entry for :iconInezelplz: I had fun writing this!
        I awoke at midnight to the soft sound of a piano coming from the living area. I groggily reached my hand out to my side, expecting to feel Loki next to me. Instead I was met with emptiness. I stood, my emerald nightgown swishing around my knees as I walked to the sound of the piano. I yawned and ran my fingers through my (h/c) hair. I rounded the corner and saw Loki standing in the middle of the floor facing me. I then noticed that this was not our normal living area in Stark Tower. Loki had transformed it into a beautiful Asgardian ballroom. He had a gorgeous smirk on his face as he held out one hand towards me. 
      “Dance with me (Y/N).” I blinked in surprise, but
:iconmorikoigarashi:MorikoIgarashi 3 2
Cecile with an Updo by MorikoIgarashi Cecile with an Updo :iconmorikoigarashi:MorikoIgarashi 3 0 Angry Moriko by MorikoIgarashi Angry Moriko :iconmorikoigarashi:MorikoIgarashi 3 2 Moriko Igarashi by MorikoIgarashi Moriko Igarashi :iconmorikoigarashi:MorikoIgarashi 10 0 Cecile Bellerose Reference by MorikoIgarashi Cecile Bellerose Reference :iconmorikoigarashi:MorikoIgarashi 11 0 Contest Entry for ChikitaWolf by MorikoIgarashi Contest Entry for ChikitaWolf :iconmorikoigarashi:MorikoIgarashi 6 5 Steven Universe Amethyst by MorikoIgarashi Steven Universe Amethyst :iconmorikoigarashi:MorikoIgarashi 0 0 Not Needed by MorikoIgarashi Not Needed :iconmorikoigarashi:MorikoIgarashi 2 4 Holo (Spice and Wolf) by MorikoIgarashi Holo (Spice and Wolf) :iconmorikoigarashi:MorikoIgarashi 5 2


Cecile Bellerose {Request} by Kawaiiwarrior Cecile Bellerose {Request} :iconkawaiiwarrior:Kawaiiwarrior 5 5
Breaking The Rules (StevexReader)
You walked up from your big brother's lab, walking into Steve as you did. You smiled up at him,
"Hey! I wouldn't recommend going down there, he's throwing a tantrum."
"I do not throw tantrums!" Your brother called as he walked up, "I was just having one of my moments."
"That translates to 'I was pissed off because my little sister figured out a problem that was so simple, making me look stupid so I felt the need to throw a fit.' He's been doing it since I was little."
"You know, I don't have to let you live here." Tony crossed his arms.
You chuckled and crossed your arms, bumping him. He bumped you back, making you stumble into Steve.
"You know better Sissy, don't think you can bump my sexy ass and get away with it." He winked and you rolled your eyes.
"Your fat ass, you mean."
"Sis, don't be mad because I got the ass and you didn't."
You rolled your eyes again and Tony noticed how you were still leaning on Steve.
"Paws off, Rogers. Keep your ninety year old hands off my baby sister."
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 256 32
Talk To Me (StevexReader)
You furrowed your brow and crossed your arms, clearly not in the mood for anything. Today was just not the day for you. At least it would be over soon…
Steve walked inside the house, removing his sweaty white t-shirt. You stuck your bottom lip out and pouted, your mood not getting any better with Steve's sudden presence.
He looked over at you, "What's wrong honey?"
"Not in the mood."
"Alright. You know you'll have to tell me eventually though."
"No I don't."
He chuckled, "Believe what you want. I'm going to shower and head over to the store, okay?"
He smiled a little and walked into the bedroom, stripping the rest of his clothes off and heading into the en suite shower. He didn't know what was bugging you, but he did know he'd find out once he got home from the store.
He finished his shower and dried off, dressing in a pair of basketball shorts and another tight white t-shirt, slipping on some flip flops and putting his phone, keys, and wallet in his pocket. He walked
:icontonystarks-girl:TonyStarks-Girl 274 55
X Men Apocalypse by Leomatos2014 X Men Apocalypse :iconleomatos2014:Leomatos2014 280 17
I'm Coming Home (Tom x Reader)
Tom was awoke in the early morning hours by his phone ringing. He was filming in Australia while you were home in London, taking care of the everyday things that you needed to. It was 3 am his time, and while his mother still didn’t quite grasp time zones and the fact that Australia was 9 hours ahead, you did and if you called him that early, you usually just had it go straight to voicemail. Which Tom was actually going to do, because it wasn’t your ringtone, until they called again. He was a little grumpy now but grabbed his phone and answered it.
“Hello?” Tom asked, a little sleepy. He rubbed his eyes and looked at the travelling alarm clock on his nightstand.
“Hello sir. I’m calling from St. Thomas Hospital. Are you a Tom Hiddleston?”
“Yes I’m him.” He said sighing and laying his head back against the pillow.”
“Great. You were listed as an emergency contact for a (y/n).” Tom set up quickly, all thoughts of
:iconteamfreewillangel:teamfreewillangel 58 12
Heart Eyes (TomxReader)
You had just finished filming your scene when the guest star came on the set. You were covered in blood, having just “killed” a demon. Jensen and Jared came over to you, laughing at the makeup the director had forced you to wear.
“Ugh. It got in my mouth.” You said, spitting out some of the fake blood. “(Y/n) is not happy.”
“Ah, she knows how we feel now.” Jensen laughed. “Why do you think we always hate it when we read in the script “Dean gets punched. Blood flies from mouth”?” You rolled your eyes. Jared laughed.
“Oh, we have a special guest star for the next episode.” Jared said. “Robert just told us. He’s some British guy.” That’s when you glanced across the lot and saw him with the producers and directors. His smile lit up the set and made your heart flutter. You had seen him act in other things before.
“That’s…that’s Tom Hiddleston.” You said.
:iconteamfreewillangel:teamfreewillangel 86 15
Cleaning This Gun (TomxReader)
“Tom?” You called up the stairs of your home to your husband. When you didn’t get a response, you headed towards his study. “Tom, where are you? I need some help with dinner.”
“In my study.” Tom replied. You sighed and opened the door. Tom was sitting at his desk. His hands were underneath the desk, so you couldn’t see what he was up to. He smiled at you. “Hi honey.”
“Tom, put the shotgun on the desk.” You said sighing. Tom raised an eyebrow.
“I don’t know what you’re…” You gave Tom “the look”. “Okay fine.” He put it on the desk. It was a prop gun from one of his movies. He had brought it home to scare off any boys his daughter brought home. Just like tonight.
“Honey, I know you don’t want to see your little girl growing up, but can you please try to be civil tonight?” You asked. “For me?” Tom got up and wrapped his arms around you.
:iconteamfreewillangel:teamfreewillangel 41 50
Lucky (TomxReader)
It was just a routine surgery. Tom had to have his wisdom teeth removed. It was no big deal. He would be given an anesthetic and would be able to go home as soon as it was done. You drove him to the surgeon.
“It’ll be okay Tom.” You said, patting his knee and smiling at him. “I had my wisdom teeth taken out as a teen. Only started crying a few times from the anesthetic.” You laughed. He smiled at you.
“I’m just anxious to get these damn things out of my mouth.” He said, rubbing his cheek. “I don’t understand for the life of me why they didn’t grow when I was a teenager.”
“Because you’re special Mr. Hiddleston.” You said, pulling into the parking lot.
“Well, you’re the one who married me.” He laughed. He kissed your cheek before the two of you headed inside.
You were reading a magazine when a nurse came out to tell you that Tom’s teeth had been removed and he would be c
:iconteamfreewillangel:teamfreewillangel 102 26
Mmm Watchya Say (Tom x Reader)
“Have you seen (y/n)?” Tom asked as he looked around the set for you. You had come with him while he was filming Thor Raganork so that you could spend more time with him. Chris and Zachary looked at him.
“I haven’t.” Zachary said. “Maybe she’s with Jamie.”
“No, I just asked her.” Tom said. He sighed. You were wondering around the set and he didn’t even know where you were. He knew you could handle yourself though. That’s when he got water to the face.
“Mmm, watchya say.” You sang. Tom looked at you.
“What the…” He said. You giggled.
“Oh, come on Tom. Are you really telling me you’ve never seen that skit?” Zachary and Chris were laughing. Tom saw the water gun in your hand. He took it, pointed it at both of them, and first, getting them wet and making their makeup run.
“Mmm, watchya say.” Tom said. You laughed and clapped, but suddenly, a war had started.
:iconteamfreewillangel:teamfreewillangel 26 7
Tony, No (Tony x Reader)
You were shopping for your kids by yourself. Tony said he didn’t do stores. He preferred online. But your daughter wanted Star Wars stuff and your son wanted this really cool Captain America playset he had saw the other day, much to Tony’s disappointment. So, while you were rushing around, buying all the last minute gifts with your husband’s credit card, he was at home, working on something top secret. To be honest, as long as he stayed out of your way, you were happy.
“Tony, I’m home!” You called. Your kids were spending the day with Uncle Steve, leaving you to get the presents you needed. “Tony?”
“He is in his lab.” JARVIS said. “He said “do not enter”. So I cannot give you clearance to go in there ma’am.”
“Jarvis…” You said.
“Sorry ma’am.” He said. You sighed and lugged the gifts to your bedroom to wrap. Honestly, you didn’t care what he was doing. As l
:iconteamfreewillangel:teamfreewillangel 26 3
Keep Awake (TomxReader)
Dry cleaning?
You thought for a second. When was the last time you had eaten? Then you glanced at your phone and realized you were running late getting to the set. You figured you could grab a bagel or something there. You were sure that you ate yesterday.
You made your way onto the set and dropped the dry cleaning off for Joss. The only Avenger you could see was Jeremy, who was busy making “Katniss” poses. You smiled softly until you heard your stomach growl. You whimpered and put a hand on your stomach. You started your search for a doughnut when someone grabbed your arm.
“Quick, we’re out of makeup!” The artist said.
“I just got here.” You said. “Why didn’t you send your assistant?”
“She’s busy getting Tom ready.” He explained. “Please (y/n)? I’ll love you forever.” You smiled and kissed his cheek.
“You already love me forever. Because I’m awesome.&
:iconteamfreewillangel:teamfreewillangel 76 5
Woman Like You (TomxReader)
Tom was lightly dozing on the couch while the news played. He was tired, but not tired enough to leave your side to go to bed. He had just came out of his little nap when he noticed you were looking at him.
“Everything okay?” He asked, taking your hand. You gave him a small smile.
“Honey, what would you do if you never met me?” You asked. You could tell it took him by surprise.
“Uh well, I could think of a couple things.” He said, wiggling his eyebrows and laughing. You smiled put moved so that you were looking at him, not just curled up at his side.
“Darling, honestly?” You asked. He smiled and took your hand.
“Well, I’d probably do some more offshore fishing.” He said. “Probably would eat more unhealthy foods. Maybe play golf some more and get better at it. I probably wouldn’t know what the hell yoga was.” You laughed at that. “Probably go to a whole lot more tennis matches.” He placed his
:iconteamfreewillangel:teamfreewillangel 80 8
The Awards Show (TomxReader)
“Why am I here again?” You asked your loving boyfriend Tom Hiddleston as you rode in the back of the limo with him on the way to the Academy Awards. You were like a nervous rabbit on speed, bouncing your leg and drumming your fingers, and you weren’t even nominated for anything.
“Because I love you and I want you at my side, win or lose.” Tom said lovingly. You took a deep breath. You were quiet for another minute before you just couldn’t stay silent.
“But we haven’t actually come out about our relationship. And there are cameras at this thing. And it’s shown on TV…” Tom laughed a bit and held your hand.
“I want everyone to know that I’m in love with someone.” He said, kissing your hand and fingers. You giggled a bit.
Soon, you guys were in front of the Dolby Theater. Now was your chance to stay in the limo and back out. You couldn’t do this. You could already see the other wives and girlfriends a
:iconteamfreewillangel:teamfreewillangel 77 19
Ask Airalin Q46-47 by RakkuGuy Ask Airalin Q46-47 :iconrakkuguy:RakkuGuy 4,390 974



I was tagged by :icontsuyuzamu:

It's super common : Sara

Star sign:
Gemini/ Virgo. I was supposed to be born in September, but was born 4 months early, hence why I fit with two star signs.

Average hours of sleep:
Too many. I'm always told I sleep way too much.

Lucky Number:

Last thing I googled:
Research for my creative writing class.

Favorite fictional character:
I honestly cannot answer this. I have way too many to pick just one!

What are you wearing now?:
A maroon dress, tights, wedges, and my leather jacket. Oh and Dean's amulet. 

When did you start this account?:
December, 15, 2014

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What do you post?:
Mainly art and fanfiction

Do you run any more blogs?:

Do you get a lot of comments?:
Sometimes yes, mostly thank you comments

Why did you choose this username?:
It's the name of my very first OC.



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